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    Hematoma issues?

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      Mine actually wound up rupturing a few days after my six month mammogram. I didn't even know I had it. Kind of freaked me out. I had to pack the hole for about two weeks. And it left a bit of a dent.
      I would think it will take a while for your body to absorb it. I don't think they will drain it unless it is getting bigger or infected.
      Best regards.

      6 days ago
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    Question: Hematoma issues?

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    I hope we do not lose you as a WhatNexter. Religion is a touchy subject for many. We had friends who belonged to a different political party than we did, we never discussed politics when we were with them and really had some fun times , because they were very good people. I am an agnostic, the jury is still out for me. My younger son is an atheist, my older son took religions as a college course and likes the Buddhist way of thinking , and my daughter has recent,y started attending church, so we are a mixed bag. I am sure you can help other survivors on this site, I am active on three different cancer sites. Wishing you well whatever you decide.

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      Thanks. I typically would not have brought up religion at all if it hadn't been that I was being bombarded with it. I probably should've left it alone as many do. It's pretty sad that "Christians" feel a right to subject us all to their views but so often shut down anyone different. But I know I can't change that and arguing with those who are close minded certainly isn't a good choice. I'm working on that...self improvement! Btw...I am the only Atheist in my personal circle, my husband and one daughter are Agnostic, the other daughter non practicing Christian, and all other friends and family are Christians. We all get along, don't push our views and respect, love one another. I'm not leaving yet, just need to ignore some. Thanks again...

      10 days ago
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    Hi Dma Russell. Here is something I remembered that I viewed a few years ago. I think you might find it interesting. However I do not think it is appropriate for posting but just between us I think it is OK.
    When you get to Heaven say the Christopher Hitchens :) OK the Devil made me say that. Cancer left me with a dark twisted sense of humor.

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    Article-Does praying for others work?

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      Intolerance rears its ugly head. To put forth anything by the NYT is almost humorous. Except...
      If I stereotype all atheists as this or that, I am being ignorant. Well, it goes both ways, does it not? There is a fundamental, um... "misunderstanding" of faith in those who would banish it from public discourse.

      Prayer does not necessarily change the outcome of any given situation - at least directly. Prayer primarily changes those who pray.

      It is done out of love - what a concept. Love desires the good of the other. Love does not count the cost. I guess those are evil motives?

      Where's the love in someone who undoubtedly praises "diversity" except in those who disagree?

      I have learned not to take myself too seriously. A good rule for all.

      11 days ago
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      Wow - you did it this time hahaha!

      Look. Any time someone writes about something that can't be measured, it's a target for ridicule.

      Take biodynamics for instance. There are vine growers and vintners in Oregon who are certified biodynamic. One grower/vintner has a pvc pipe with two joints - in one are amethyst crystals and in the other joint are concoctions using Rudolf Steiner's formulae. The owner says that it 'broadcasts across his whole vineyard'. Can't see it, so does it work? Well, no way to measure because it can't be seen - it's intention over matter.

      Another example, Healing Touch. Used by Egyptians in antiquity and by Christians (laying on of hands). It may still be standard protocol in CO for asthmatics who come to ER in the middle of an 'asthma attack' because it works to calm the body. Intention over matter.

      In the early 80s I witnessed a healing during a seminar put on by Richard Moss, MD. A grapefruit sized tumor dissolved and the subject was bathed all night long by 2 women - the cancer goop came out of all her pores. All we did was raise energy (like all the other methods); intention over matter.

      There are testimonials after testimonials about healings from prayer, even from a distance; intention over matter.

      What's going on? Quantum physics, plain and simple. Science hasn't delved into making things happen by 'intention' (remember Uri Geller?).

      If you have a view, that's fine, but to put it here only to put out mean intention and to disrespect people, then you need to be blocked because you are not even making sense.

      10 days ago
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      This is a cancer support group, and dmarussell is a troll.


      10 days ago
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