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    Procedure or Surgery (Surgery): For over a couple of years I have been running to the dr. with flu, pneumonia twice a year, bronchitis, just one after the other..back hurting like crazy, and tired omg so tired..could never sit down without falling asleep...did not matter where I was. My weight fell off to 88 pounds..and I am 5'10. But she never once mentioned anything of importance..Lymph nodes in neck where very enlarged and had been for yrs.
    I had my first surgery in Oct of 2014,,,Bilateral Submandibular glands excised. Recovery took a very long time..But was told Worthin's tumors..then in less then a year had other lymph glands in neck pop up and start swelling... back to ENT who removed it and sent me to the Onocoligist, After a pet/ct scan and a lot of blood work' I had to do the bone marrow biopsy. That is when they told me I had CLL. But thank goodness my body put itself into remisson for now...so they are holding off on chemo for a while. At least until after the holidays.

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      God bless you Dotty
      I had a stem cell transplant and have been in remission for over 5 years now. I hope you don't have to have any thing like that or any treatment. THanks for sharing sure hope all goes well for you. Good luck. Pearlene.q

      almost 6 years ago