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    Thank you to all my family that have been there for me through all of this, I couldn't do it without you!

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    downbutnotout asked a questionMultiple Myeloma

    How many different Oncologists have you had through your diagnosis and treatments?

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      I have had two. The first one diagnosed me. I did a lot of studying on multiple myeloma and knew I wanted a stem cell transplant. He sent me to another Oncologist about 45 miles away. I really like this doctor. I had my transplant and have had lots of chemo. I don't know that the SCT really helped me. I am still very tired a lot. I am on kyrpolis ivs weekly now and doing fairly well. Praise God. Judy

      1 day ago
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      #1-- the surgeon-she wanted to continue care for me, but the other oncologists played politics.
      #2-- a cruel maniac-- I was told that I couldn't change from him-I was called a pervert there
      #3--my oncology radiologist that performed a miracle- I see him tomorrow.
      #5--ENT oncologist---I saw him yesterday. It seems that he's my main oncology caretaker.

      1 day ago
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      I was fortunate enough to have the same oncologist through my diagnosis and treatment. Then when I was about 3 years in remission, she was diagnosed with cancer and had to go through treatments. My doctors office assigned me to another oncologist and the transistion was seemless. I have been with the new Dr. ever since.

      1 day ago
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    downbutnotout asked a questionMultiple Myeloma

    Have any of you been denied treatment because of insurance issues?

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      The problem is with coding. So what that your insurance denies a needed procedure. That is their problem. Not yours.

      Tell them you dont care. If you need a procedure done, get it done.

      I think you might be very surprised at how coding is more expediently corrected after a procedure is already performed. Unfortunately doctors rely on staff to take care of these things and staff doesnt always much care.

      I had a hospital tell me the same crapola only to make two important discoveries.

      1. They were incorrect
      2. By the time the bill is sent out, and procedure is already accomplished.

      Dont be intimidated. Demand whatever it is that you need. Ross Perot made his billions by computerizing Medicare and confusing the heck out of living and breathing creatures

      Breathe deeply and make your appointment.

      about 1 month ago
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      I work in the insurance industry (or as Geekling sometimes says, I'm the insurance whisperer...). First, one part of a group may be in network while another is not. If your insurance has out of network benefits, you'll still have something. Might not cover as much. If you call your carrier, they can tell you what your out of net coverage would be.

      Next, Geekling is right. Staff make mistakes, whether in the doctor's billing office or at the insurance company. We're human. If something gets denied and you don't think it should be, call the carrier. Sometimes they will tell you you are SOL (hopefully a bit nicer than that...). Sometimes they'll tell you they will send the claim back for reprocessing. Sometimes they may need more info from either you or your provider.

      Claims get denied for a variety of reasons: human error, updating whether you have other insurance, verification if the treatment is the result of an accident, problems w/coding, provider not obtaining a precertification, procedure not covered (for any number of reasons). Call and ask -- that is why insurance companies have customer service depts. And do NOT let any CSR get nasty with you (ok, don't get nasty w/them either -- it's easier for a rep to be nice to you if you are nice to them). If they get nasty, make sure you have a name and either ask for a supervisor or call back to get a sup. I audit customer service phone calls to make sure our reps are giving good info and are treating our callers respectfully. And I've watched at least 3 people get marched out of here, in part because of things I uncovered. Don't want anyone to lose their jobs, but I don't want our callers to be treated badly either.

      I hope that helps at least a little. If you have anything specific you want to know, throw out another question and I'll see if I can make any suggestions.

      about 1 month ago
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      Yes, I have been denied, once happened when, I had finished drinking half the contrast. Imaging called the Dr.'s office and they said to go a head and sign the papers and they would fix it. And they did a wonderful job. I have since changed my Medicare provider to a small company affiliated with my medical center. Small is good
      After this week all bets are off.

      about 1 month ago
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    downbutnotout asked a questionMultiple Myeloma

    Teeth are hurting from cold weather??

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      Chemo does affect the teeth. Two of my back teeth have had pieces break off, and my teeth are now sensitive to the cold as well. However for me, the sensitivity comes and goes. Other patients have told me they have huge dental bills too from the damage to their teeth.

      2 months ago