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    Hello and welcome, we are sorry for your diagnosis, but we are happy to have you with us. Please feel free to join in the conversations. Here is a link to our cancer dx pager. Take a look at it to get you started on some information. I encourage you to go to the questions page now by clicking on the questions tab at the top of the page and post what is the most pressing issue you have right now. This will introduce you to the community and get you started on the help you need right now.


    Also, if you can take a few minutes and fill in some details of your journey so far, it will help others as they try to answer questions for you, it also helps others as they search through the database to find someone like themselves. Confirming your email will allow you to receive updates and notices from the site when someone answers your questions or writes on your wall.

    Thanks for being with us and let me know if I can help you find any information on the site.

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    Hello from Arizona! I'm sorry you are going through this. I was diagnosed with tnbc in March 2018 and started treatment the following month. I just yesterday completed my course of Xeloda. I had six months of IV chemo, followed by lumpectomy and radiation, and six months of Xeloda, an oral chemo. It is a tough journey but you can do this! Best of luck to you.

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    Decision Point (chemo and radiation): Initially didn't think I would need chemo. Not much of a choice with TNBC. "Part of the choice" is accepting the new information. Today I start my first infusion 6-3-2019

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      I am glad to hear that you are doing well, @earthgirl. All we can do is take it one treatment at a time, and we all have to do whatever we feel is right for us. That is all that matters. I hope you and @Suzanne continue to do well with your respective paths.

      18 days ago
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      I am having my first treatment on July 2,2019. I am very scared wish I didn’t have to do this but because I am triple negative have to do 4 treatments. Pray everything goes ok.

      5 days ago
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      My second cycle of 4 of Adriamycin/Cytoxan was yesterday. It helped somewhat knowing what to expect because the first one I didn't feel knowledgable and had some issues getting my proper medication ahead of time. It is scary. Working to stay positive and breathing exercises for calming and regulating helps me.
      Will you be doing more than the 4 cycles? After A/C I switch to Taxol once a week for 12 weeks, then radiation. All due to TNBC also. Do you have a plan about what to bring to chemo to help you ease your time during treatment? Wishing you the very best.

      1 day ago
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    Loss (Body part/function): Loss of what I used to be. Adjusting to the new body.

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    Procedure or Surgery (quadrantectomy (large lumpectomy, one quadrant)): Still processing the impact on my daily life. Had to stop teaching and I miss my students which impacts my emotional wellbeing. But, when I return after chemo, I expect this will have been a detour and I will resume my life where I was. But for now, like all cancer patients, I imagine we are not the same as we were before our diagnosis. The daily impact of my surgery (physical manifestation) is minimal to the emotional parts and the things that continue to be unveiled.