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    Cancer Support Community (CSC) statement opposing the Senate health care bill

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      I assumed the militarizing of police is to control the population as the climate crisis escalates. Apparently we are in need of control now as our right to peaceable assembly is distressing those in power.

      about 3 hours ago
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      Anyone have a link to complain to Senators that is NOT a tweet thing, or a text only site, or for users of "smart" phones only, or any other tech-savy device? No "U Tube" as well, as that uses up too much of my computer time. The phone #' s constantly ring busy. Some of us only have a computer and do not use other methods to communicate. Please do not chastise me for not moving into the 21st century! Not everyone lives, or wants to live in an urban setting with all its whistles & bangs.

      I have complained to my worthless senator in MI, over & over using his web site. It is like communicating with a garden slug, but at least he (sort of) answers back. He is an ultra right Republican conservative. He actually stated that "Jesus & God" will take care of our climate change problem! So you see that my complaints to him are really just butting my head against a wall.
      I tried many of Ejourney's links, & they are not compatible with my low tech lifestyle!

      35 minutes ago
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    I think I posted this on the wrong place. I'm new here. It was about what song (just for a laugh), would you like sang at your funeral - to which I responded 'always looks on the bright side of life'. Hope I haven't offended anyone here. I mean my funeral. Lol

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      No worries, Lindy! It put a smile on my face. :-)

      about 17 hours ago
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    Always look on the bright side of life. Lol!!!

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