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    So glad your here. We are a very supportive group.
    It's a safe place.
    In support

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    Welcome to the site. You and have a slightly parallel journey. I was diagnosed with NHL when I was 58. It's pretty unusual for women in our age group to get this.

    You talked about radiation and Chemo. That was my treatment as well. It was very rough on me in practically every way.
    The good news is that was five years ago November 1st. You can be a survivor . Your way stronger then Cancer trust me. Talk anytime and as much as you like here. There is so much information here and emotional support.. your not alone in this

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    Thanks for supporting others by answering questions, offering advice and positive wishes! It does make a difference for them to see that other people have been there and are doing OK.

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    I think it might be helpful to talk to a therapist to process your thoughts. Keep in mind that chemo can cause a deep depression . For me it made me feel hopeless and terrified.

    5 years ago I was diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma.
    I was told I had 18 month to live. My only option was a stem cell
    Transplant. It might not work and I could die from the transplant.

    My doctors where very honest about the pain, I will just tell you that they described fairly horrific things. I made a choice to step into the fire from XXX.

    I am still here
    Consider exhausting all other treatment options.
    I honor you no matter whatever choice to do.

    Only the Warrior knows when to lay down their arms