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    Emarie asked a questionGallbladder Cancer

    Stage 2 with no lymph node involvement. Anyone have follow up chemo or radiation?

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      Adjuvant chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy is the standard of care according to the NCCN guidelines for a stage II. Surgery will remove a tumor that is visible to the naked eye, but you can never be 100% sure you have gotten the ones that you don't see. That is the purpose of chemo or radiation after the surgery...to kill what is not visable to the naked eye. Best of luck to you.

      8 months ago
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      I have stage II B pancreatic cancer diagnosed in May 2018. Surgery done in John Hopkins removing laparoscopically tail and a couple of lymph’s. have a year chemo lasted until January,2019. CT scan has not shown anything yet so I am in remission. If you are going to do chemo, I suggest to ask for folfirinox treatment.

      8 months ago
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    Procedure or Surgery (Surgery): 10 biopsies revealed no malignancy spread beyond gall bladder.

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      That is good news. I hope all goes well.
      Keeping you in our prayers.

      8 months ago
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