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    Prepariing for kyprolis infusion

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      I always ask for a room with a tv, so I can enjoy that while I am there. They give me a soda, and I usually take some crackers. Sometimes if I am very tired, I actually take a nap. Everyone there is so nice and it is a new facility, so I say this is my "social outing". I usually go on Thursdays and Fridays for several hours.

      about 1 year ago
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      I didn't do anything except bring a book. My infusions, including kyprolis, seldom lasted more than an hour. It's boring but no big deal. Good luck

      about 1 year ago
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      Hello ~ I haven't specifically had a Krypolis infusion, so I've no idea what to expect in terms of reactions, but I can tell you what I used to take to the infusion room. My standbys were always my lower back pillow, a bottle of water, a book, and my phone or my iPad (both had music and meditations on them) with earbuds. When I got transfusions, which took 5-6 hours, I added yarn and once I took my thank you notes to write while there. While I expect your hubby doesn't knit, I throw that out there in case there's anything portable he does do with his hands. I rarely had nausea until the chemo given with my SCT, but you might want to add some kind of candied ginger or ginger chews just in case.

      Naps were always good too, and yes to SandiA about the warm blankets if he's feeling like resting. And it sounds funny to some, but I really get what you mean, Judyinthsouth, about how a great care team can make it feel like a 'social outing.' Also, since it's his first treatment he may feel fine and if you plan to stay with him through the infusion and you play cards together, maybe throw a deck into the bag too.

      My infusion center also allowed visitors and a couple of times friends came to hang out with me for a bit. Lucky hubby having you to think about these things for him! Best of luck!

      12 months ago
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