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    Procedure or Surgery (Partial liver removal): Symptoms started out with black, tarry stools. These occurred three or four times a month and I was hospitalized 4 times, until the source carcinoid tumor was discovered during exploratory surgery on the fifth hospitalization. The source tumor was discovered in the middle intestine and had metasticised to the liver, where there were 10 carcinoid tumors of various sizes. The biopsy results were sent to Dr. Rodney Pommier at the Oregon Health Sciences Center where he confirmed the diagnosis. I was then scheduled for a second surgery six weeks later where 9 of the 10 tumors were removed (the 10th was too close to an artery and had to be left behind). My gall bladder was also removed due to the need for me to have Octreotide injections, and Octreotide causes gall stones. I am now in constant treatment, receiving Octreotide LAR injections once per month and self-injections every night. I also ingest Creon prior to every meal/snack to aid digestion due to lack of a gall bladder.

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      Hi, I am so sorry you had to go through all of this to hopefully get you on the right track and start getting your life back.
      I have carcinoid ca in my small intestine, had surgery, but it had metastasized to my liver. I am now on Octreotide once a month. He tells me my liver is in-operatable. Did they hesitate doing surgery on your liver?
      Have a blessed day.....

      over 9 years ago
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