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    Procedure or Surgery (Surgery): Surgery went well, at the time we were told they got it all, been clear for almost 3yrs then a bomb hit us in 2014 and was told it metastasized to my lung, now in 2017 it’s now in my bones

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      Essie, How are you doing now and have you found treatment for your bones and lungs? I am a 14 year survivor of clear cell RCC, thanks to high dose interleukin, recovered completely and have been a patient advocate since that time. I write a blog www.peggyRCC.com, participate in multiple forums, and keep a large library of medical articles which I share with other patients. I am also the patient advocate with a large national group of oncologists who create clinical trials. Lots of options for you, some of which were not available even 3-5 years ago.

      over 2 years ago
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