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    Thanks for the suggestion. I hope and pray that your treatment will be successful.

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    Procedure or Surgery (Surgery): Diagnosis April 2012. Large appendecial cyst leaking mucous which had spread throughout the abdomen and metastized to rt ovary and fallopian tube. Complete hysterectomy performed. HIPEC treatment recommended to be completed within 3 months of initial discovery, however, treatment has not yet taken place due to asthma complications and other health issues.

    Fast forward to Feb 2013. CT scan study completed prior to proceeding with HIPEC treatment to see if cancer had progressed too far to benefit from treatment. CT scan showed no evidence of mucous or residual cancer. It was suggested to me that I have exploratory laparoscopy for further study. Is this the next best step for me? What are recommended best options? What should I do at this point?

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      When I was diagnosed with Appendix cancer, I went to Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC. The plan was for an exploratory laparascopy, but unfortunately more tumor was found, so I had a laparatomy, with a triple colon resection (all reconnected - no colostomy), omenectomy, and other bits and pieces removed. My original surgery, with the surprise finding of Appendix Cancer included a total hysterectomy and appendectomy. My laparatomy at MSK also included placement of a belly port for my Intraperitoneal chemo treatments (they don't do HIPEC there, but instead do a series of bi-weekly IP chemo treatments.) I'm now over 5 years in the clear, from a cancer that had extensive peritoneal spread.

      Whoever goes in next MUST be an appendix cancer expert, and should probably be prepared to do the HIPEC at that time (or if MSK, will set you up for IP treatments.) While HIPEC is more common, IP chemo such as I had appears to be equivalent in value, while being a bit less harsh overall. Read my journey - you'll get an idea of what I went through.


      about 8 years ago
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