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    Faithe asked a questionTesticular Cancer

    Looking for others who have a family member diagnosed with testicular cancer. Can you share what to expect from the surgery? Recovery time?

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      Look up tickling cancer on the site. He is testicular cancer survivor, and very active on the site. He can help you with that click here for his page www.whatnext.com/users/ticklingcancer

      over 9 years ago
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      I had testicular cancer. I was diagnosed when I was 21, I'm 58 now. The orchiectomy is performed by cutting into the junction between the thigh and the abdomen. I was surprised by that. I thought they'd just cut open the scrotum, but they cut along the fold where the thigh and abdomen meet, then they snag the cord from which the testicle hangs, pull the cord which brings the testicle up, and snip it off. It's easier to heal from an incision like that than it is from a cut on the scrotum. For me they waited a few weeks (months?) before they did the para aortic retro peritoneal lymph node resection. Cancer is an evil bit-h, where ever it starts it heads to the brain. So, from the testicle they knew that it would move up to the lymph nodes in the abdomen. They did the para aortic (around the heart) retro peritoneal (everything in the abdomen) lymph node resection. For me they took out 80 lymph nodes, thirteen were positive for CA. Recovery from that surgery takes a lot longer. They cut you open from just below the sternum to just above the jewel box. They make a nice semi circle around the belly button. ;-) They tell you not to do any thing strenuous for, I can't remember....one month? I didn't listen and tore out three stitches between the belly button and the jewel box. No permanent damage other than the incision scar is wider. Be prepared for the totally absurd request from the nurse to cough. There you are with your splayed belly stitched up and she comes into your room and tells you to cough. You look around to see where the hidden camera is located and then you realize she's serious.
      It takes a long time to recover from that surgery. Just walking will make you weak as a baby. One month recovery is probably a good minimum. Two week recovery is probably good for the orchiectomy. You get some really good scars. Going to the pool elicits stares from kids. Some times I tell people that the scars from drainage tubes are from where I was shot. ;-) Have as much fun with it as you can.
      Good luck and thank you for looking out for your relative!

      over 9 years ago
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      Hey Faithe, I recently completed chemo for pure seminoma. At diagnosis, I was Stage III. I was lucky enough to not require surgery because my cancer formed in my abdomen and chest.Below is a great article that talks about what to expect with the surgery. Do you know if he will receive chemo or just radiation?


      over 9 years ago
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