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    Has anyone gone through prophylactic brain radiation & did you have many side effects?

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      This is a great question. I will post this on our social media channels and see if we can get anyone with experience to weigh in.

      about 9 years ago
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    In March I was told I had limited small cell lung cancer, after ct scans & mri's the plan was chemo 3 days every 3 weeks ( cisplatin & etoposide) combined with radiation 5 days a week for 6 wks. The cisplatin was changed to carboplatin due to ringing in my ears (which I still have & probably always will) . My problem with the whole " journey " is what they don't tell you, honest explanations of what the side effects will be instead of huh I never heard of that or that must be from radiation by the oncologist & that must be from the chemo from the radiologist. It's your fight not theirs you have the right to know .. After all was said & done my sclc is in complete remission which I'm grateful for despite the numbness in my feet & left hand, the constant noises in my ears & the nerve damage that surrounds my rib cage. I am now doing prophylactic cranial radiation... That was a hard decision , to radiate your brain when there's nothing there, however I've done my research & couldn't live with myself if I did nothing to prevent it & then got it. This at least gives me a fighting chance to not have mets in my brain. My hair will fall out again damnit! But I'm hoping it's going to be less traumatic this time, still haven't bought a wig.. I went commando! Got a lot of stares & those sympathetic smiles let me tell you! Bought a shirt that said "does this shirt make me look bald" Lol .. So week 1 down of radiation & other than very tired I'm doing okay..... 2 wks to go..

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      Hi, I too was diagnosed same thing on 2/9/12. Next scan is 10/5/12. The drs, waited to start radiation(40) after chem. I also finished preventive brain on 9/6/12. Always tired, last two weeks, I am starting to feel like myself!.I also have weird pains,both Drs. blame each other. I also lost hair 2x,but really who cares,I am here. Good Luck! I can't wait for the next scan....

      almost 9 years ago
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