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    Pros/cons of medi port implant

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      My port has worked out well, I'm at 2 years. A little soreness if the seatbelt rubs across it or purse strap but mostly no problem. It has made life easier for blood draws, I go every 5 weeks for a flush. My Oncologist wants it in for 3 years, a little long but probably worth it if it is needed quickly. Plus, I have been told that chemo is very hard on veins.
      All the best to you! Mary Jo

      about 8 years ago
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      Love my purple power port! It makes everything so much easier. Especially when the nurses have the numbing spray or if you get a prescription for numbing creme, but it's not entirely painful without either.

      about 8 years ago
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      Felicia, along with many others have asked about experiences with chemo ports. The frequent conversation around the topic of "To port or not to port?" inspired some content on our site.

      Blog Article - To port or not to port?

      Beginner's Guide - What is a chemo port?

      Both of these are meant to help WhatNexters wrap their mind around what a port is, when it is used, and why you might want one.

      Thank you for sharing your experiences! As always we appreciate your input.

      almost 8 years ago
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