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    What kind of luekemia? I am looking for information on AML in 40-somethings.

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    Oh No (Diagnosed): The best man at our wedding was just diagnosed with AML - he is 43, a life-long athlete, and has 3 little kids. We don't yet know what variation of AML. We are sad and scared.

    Sadly, I am familiar with AML as my dad died of AML in 2007 (at age 69 after 13 months).

    I am looking for more information about AML in "middle age". I read that in middle age the survival rates are about 33%. Also, any suggestions for doctors/hospitals in NYC (Manhattan). Thanks in advance.


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      Hello Firefox
      I was diagnosis with AML ( different versions - see mine on Ken52) May 2011 at the age of 58. I have been in remission for 9 months now. I basically went into remission after my 1st round - induction. I had 4 more consolation rounds since - to help ensure the chemo gets all the hidden critters - the bad stuff. Different versions have different odds.
      My survival rate went up to 80% with type of AML I had and my being under 60 if the induction round put me in remission... The survival rate starts decreasing after age 60. The AML I had was very aggressive - left untreated at that time , I was given days up to a month or so. No brain-er here. I read a lot on the internet - scary - I had to stop doing that so I could keep a positive outlook.
      There has been repercussions from the chemo, but it beats the alternative I was faced with.

      I do not know of any doctors in the NY area, but if travel ever worked into ones plans - MD Anderson in Houston Texas - is one of the best.
      If you want more information - send me your email address and we can go from there.


      over 9 years ago
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      Well, since your posting was over a year ago I assume you have had treatment and further along in your journey. I was diagnosed sept 2011 and it is nearly two years and I am still here. I was 63 at time of diagnosis. I completed induction and three consolidations and have had a relapse after three months. Now I have completed 12 months of maintenance chemo, Dacogen, while waiting for a stem cell donor match. I had 80% blasts on diagnosis and now have less than 2% and that is acceptable, as there is no getting rid of it all. Without treatment initially I was given only a few months because of the aggressiveness of my leukemia and high percentage of blasts on onset. I feel pretty good and am dealing with the routine treatment with occasional blood or platelet transfusions.

      over 8 years ago
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