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    Oh No (Diagnosed): About two years ago I noticed a small lump in my breast and quickly thought the worst - I have succumbed to the disease to horrible even to say.....the "C" word. I scheduled a mammogram right away and discovered, to my relief, that it was no more than a benign cyst, pheeew, dodged a bullet this time, or so I thought. Approximately a year later I noticed the lump was getting bigger, quite a lot bigger, so again I went to have mammogram. This time the folks at the imaging center took a lot longer positioning me and took a lot more pictures. Of course the technicians who do the imaging cannot share with you their findings but, pulled and prodded had it begun to It was then the thought crystalize in my core that this situation was going to be so much larger than originally anticipated. A few days later I was in seeing the specialist. It took a long two weeks to have the biopsy returned and even though I intrinsically knew "something" was wrong hope was my ally, that was until, I heard the words malignant tumor. The original Dr. who diagnosed left me feeling empty, scared and very alone. I saw the Dr's lips moving but didn't hear a word she was saying, much like the kids in the Charlie Brown cartoons when they listen to adults.....whaaa, whaaa whaaa. Fear was expected falling into a vortex of devastation confusion and numbness was what actually occurred.

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      So, where are you now in your journey? I seem to vacillate between dog paddling and drowning. It is never easy but the support and understanding here will be a life jacket. Lindy

      almost 9 years ago
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