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    foneheads asked a questionBreast Cancer

    Has anyone had trouble with hives about a week after chemo?

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      Hi foneheads,

      I am sure someone will weigh in soon. But in the meantime, I am going to reach out to others via our Twitter and Facebook accounts to see if I can find someone who can share some insight with you.

      Thanks - and keep us posted. Your experience may help someone else in the future!


      over 5 years ago
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      I had a reaction exactly one week after finishing chemo. I actually had painful hives come out on my legs and I was so sore I could barely walk. I went to my PCP and her and my oncologist discussed my case. They felt it was a virus that was dormant in my body and since my counts were down from the chemo, the virus had a chance to come out and show it's ugly face. The hives, pigmentation changes and pain went away about 3 weeks after it appeared with no treatments (just motrin for pain).

      It seemed the best way to get it all figured out was for my PCP and oncologist to speak. I have kept in close contact with my PCP during my journey and I'm glad I did. It seems that my oncologist knows best about treatments and common side effects but when something weird pops up, he's at a loss. The team approach has really worked well for me.

      Good luck to you.

      over 5 years ago
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      Thank you! I just spoke with the Oncologist and they have taken out Taxotere from my cocktail and will be replacing it with Adriamycin. He said only 10% of people experience this kind of reaction. Leave it to me!
      Anyone have experience with this drug? He said I would be more susceptible to nausea. He did mention that it can be hard on your heart with multiple, but since I am only having one treatment with it, he isn't concerned.

      over 5 years ago
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    foneheads asked a questionBreast Cancer

    Lack of spouse support.

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      Have you looked into getting some type of care giver through the state? I know some states have people that will come to your house every day or every other day and help with every day stuff. You need to figure out some where that you can go or better yet that he can go so that you can get the peace of mind that you need to fight and take care of the children. Look under your government services in the phone book see what you can find or ask at your cancer center they may even know of a case worker that would be able to help you and make sure you get the type of food when you need it. Please try good luck and if you need to talk I'm here.

      over 5 years ago
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      Honey, as soon as you have completed chemo I think you should get a formal separation. Living with this person is unhealthy, and you need to get out of unhealthy relationship. Don't stay for the kids....they will benefit by seeing their mom advocate for a healthy living situation. If he is the "stay at home" spouse, and prepares a meal for everyone but you when you are having chemo....... unacceptable. I don't care about the money: if you separate there won't be enough income and he will HAVE to get off of his b*** and contribute to the finances. As for making a financial "mistake" in the past.... excuse me, this happens all the time. True love means forgiveness, support and moving on. My husband has made BIG mistakes in the past, and while I was upset for a little while, ultimately I forgive and move on. You deserve better, and your children deserve to see their mom living an emotionally healthy life.

      over 4 years ago
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      Many women file for divorce at times like this when the chips are down. THey realize they don't want to spend the rest of their lives with someone like that. Some men (like my dad) can be selfish, afraid, want to be the one that gets the attention, get angry when you aren't taking care of things.

      They think they are supposed to fix everything and have no concept of 'being there'. Sound like you have support not too far away. If you can, talk to a lawyer about your rights and get someone to help you start to protect your assets and possessions. Seems like he he wants to control the $.

      If you can't get him out of the house, can you go somewhere? This is dragging you down and you don't need it.

      almost 3 years ago