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    Thank you, i wish for you to get well. Hopefully you have a caregiver with you all the time to help. Be strong to beat the beast.

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    Hello ,norman died march 12 /2014. I am very sad and lonely. My only consolation is that he is not suffering anymore. Good luck to you all .

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      I am so sorry to read this news. May God wrap you in His arms and give you strength to carry on. Please accept my condolences and I am sending you (((hugs))), too.

      about 6 years ago
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    Hello, is it normal after being told that the cancer is gone to have pain in bone and muscle , difficult to walk and being very weak?

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      not to be a downer but everytime I had pain again, that's how I knew it was back...I was right everytime, docs would make me wait till next mri (3 months)......I would probably get it checked .....I don't know how your docs are but mine took forever.....once it showed up on mri it still took 2 months to get a surgery , I had radiation and surgeries........theres was 3 things, pain, a smell and being more tired then usual............but i'm sure everyones different..........sorry to hear ur in pain , hope its nothing <3

      over 6 years ago
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      Thank you, now we have to deal with weird dream, confusion on top of the weakness and the pain, the doctor are not much help, he sleep a lot, i am scare how it will end.

      over 6 years ago
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      Years ago when my mom had colon cancer (which spread to the liver), we were caring for her at home and a few times she became disoriented, weak, etc. and we were sure it was the end (she was terminal). She went to the hospital and we discovered that she had an electrolyte imbalance and that her insulin was off (most likely due to chemo residual effects). Anyhow, once they figured that out, they "fixed" it and she was back home w/ us for awhile at least. If he's so weak he can't walk, it could also be kidney issues - make sure they check that out if they haven't already. When that happened to me after my 1st chemo session, they diagnosed me w/ acute kidney failure and I had to go into the hospital for IV fluids. Although I had fatigue and was very tired once my chemo sessions ended, I was never so weak that I couldn't walk so it's definitely something to check into.

      over 6 years ago
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    my husband start chemo and radiation in mars , it is very tough but the last ct in august show no cancer. he is stage 4 lung cancer small cell. Try to do all the treatments .....you will get better.

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