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    My mother-in-law is caring for her husband with lung cancer. Are there any support groups she can attend in Rhode Island? She is 80.

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      Hi Freddynb, two things to try, first click on the Resources tab on top of this page, that will bring up resources that are available in your zip code area. There is a link to the American Cancer Society, you can call them and ask that question, they keep lists of those type services in each area, and will do a little leg work looking for you.

      Second you can ask the treatment center or hopspital where he is getting treatment, they usually have a group that meets. Even the small town I live in has one, so there is probably one around close to you. Gilda's club is a larger organization that is in several of the larger cities, you can google it and see if there is one in your area.

      Maybe we have someone here on the site that is in your area that may know of one also, so keep checking back. Thanks for being here.

      almost 9 years ago