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    Dear Gabba - If you can - please tell me where you found the picture of the roadway with the "Just speed up a bit..." sign.

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    Gabba, If you are still *out there,* can you check in here and give us any insight as to how this site works? Many of us have been struggling to keep it together, but the problems just keep coming. First there was a huge disconnect in receiving notifications or getting a Daily Digest. Now we seem to be getting notifications (if we want them), but the Daily Digest is not consistent - at all. As a result we are missing questions and important blog referrals.

    Now, our questions are not being shown under the Questions banner - instead they are posted on our individual walls. so no one, but us knows if we posted a question...therefore no one can answer it! Frankly, it's a huge mess and so many are becoming frustrated and leaving. so many of us are very sad to see this happen as we have come to look upon this site as a friendship connection as well as a place for advice.

    We have all reached out to Colby, but he remains the mystery man. He responds to our emails and says things will get better, but instead they just get worse. If you have any advice, I know all of us who are *hanging in there* would LOVE to hear it!

    If you navigate the site you can see the last question posted under Questions was 19 days ago! there are 50 responses because right now it is the only place available for us to talk to each other. I think Greg would be devastated to see it come to this .But, none of us know exactly what Greg did to keep it going?

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    Many years ago Greg contacted me to become a moderator for the site primarily with breast cancer patients...I have taken the role very seriously and occasionally we would have spammers, I would contact Greg and it would be taken care of immediately. Since his tragic death the spammers have become more numerous and definitely raunchier. Now when I log on there are pages and pages to review and most of the entries are pornographic. I have decided to withdraw from the site as I cannot deal with the amount of trash I am seeing.
    I wish you all the very best...I have made many friends here and will miss you. I am taking on a larger roll on the Patient Care Council where I was a patient 10 years ago and I will stay busy.
    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Blessed, Happy and Healthy 2021.

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      I just came to your page to see if you'd posted anything. I'm so sorry that you have left here ... I will surely miss seeing your posts.

      7 months ago
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      Sorry about this. I must have my head in the sand somewhere. I've not experience anything like what you all are talking about. True, I don't browse the site. I get an e-mail & when I have time or need some support, I open it up. I don't get much spam, either, now that it is mentioned. Gabba, I wish you well in your new endeavor.

      4 months ago
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      Just curious, are those of you experiencing the disgusting spam attacks accessing WhaNext via Facebook? I have never seen anything like what you are describing but I do not use Facebook. Why are some experiencing this and others not?

      4 months ago
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