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    Hey, we have the same fNHL. I am five years in remission. Mine was quite advanced stage IV, but I pushed through it and you can too. I am stronger and healthier now than before. Let us know how you are doing and if you have any questions as to what to expect.

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    Anyone get diagnosed as a stage higher than you were ultimately? I was first told stage IV but after lots of test and one surgery that

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      My first oncologist was a debbie downer. He had me in the grave before we even started treatment. The second one, is much better. He is positive and supportive. I just don't understand why doctors want to put us down before we actually get down!

      26 days ago
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      They (some doctors) think, I believe, that fear gives them better control over a patient or the statement excuses them for being unsuccessful with what they know.

      It would be nice to hear "I dont know how to help you but lets see if we can find someone who can."

      It took me 13 years and visits to (literally) over 100 doctors to get a diagnosis. Oh, and I also had to gain 65 pounds and the external tumor grew with the rest of me.

      Doctor myopia?

      Best wishes.

      26 days ago
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      Yes, stage 3 before surgery pathology indicated it was a 4, Google Cancer Staging for a better understanding how it is done.

      23 days ago
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    Question: Good news!

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    After my chemo-induced diarrhea, I could use a roll this big.

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