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    Greg, there are many wonderful words of encouragement and support for us cancer folk - heck, you sent most of them to us all!
    So - love to you and always best wishes.
    Also, one more thing you know - it is the steady voice in those early morning hours of doubt, and the hand that holds yours throughout the treatments - so - also sending love and hugs to your wife as well.
    We are all cheering for you both. Team GREG!

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    Good luck and prayers are with you

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    GGP asked a questionHead & Neck/Throat Cancer

    Anyone have a biopsy on their tongue?

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      Thanks Meyati, I still have a very sore tongue. They didn't tell me they took a plug from it, but it doesn't take much detective work to figure out they did!

      about 1 month ago
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      What really hurt were the multiple biopsies in my throat after radiation ended. They obviously weren't plug. I had a plug biopsy under my nose a few months ago. My dermatologist didn't recognize what was wrong with my face and lips. That bothered me about 2 days.

      90 days after radiation treatment ended, I had another CAT scan. The reading radiologist decided that I was developing tonsil and throat cancer. on one side. I knew that stubs were left when my tonsils/adenoids were removed- one side was ;longer than the other side.

      Dr Garg the reading radiologist was really depressed-he said it was horrible etc. I remembered all sorts of doctors saying---They left a really long tonsil stub. I went into an oncology ENT, who sawed both tonsil stubs down and took biopsies all over my throat, tongue, cheek, everywhere. They were all negative. Each time I had a scan- that reading radiologist said the cancer condition spread. My treating radiologist took my scans to other reading radiologists. The thickness of my muscles, etc are thicker on the right side of my neck. My right eye is higher than my left eye--buying a new pair of eye glasses and the twisting of the frame because of it being different--than my right ear sticks out like Dumbo's. By Halloween, most of my classes asked me if I knew that my right ear stuck way out. Then they wanted to know why I didn't have plastic surgery to fix my ear. I told them how my mom taped my ear down when I was an infant.

      I hope that you get a bit of a laugh from this.

      about 1 month ago
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      Yep, that's where my cancer was the first time.

      about 1 month ago
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    Procedure or Surgery (Surgery): biopsy inside my throat to determine if cancer had returned or a new diagnosis.