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    I found a book entitled Close to the Bone very helpful. It is about finding meaning when you have a life threatening illness. Regardless of your prognosis it can a lot to the quality of your life however long you get
    . I agree don't assume the worst but don't deny your feelings either. I am sure they are intense. I am so sorry for your pain. It might sound stupid but I also tried everyday to be nicer to someone whether in thought or word. You will find I all this a richness of relationships that is unbelievable. Let people be ther and walk through this with you.

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    Gigi asked a questionOvarian and Fallopian Tube Cancer

    I had debulking surgery for stage 2ovarian cancer in March. The day after surgery I found I could not walk without burning pain in my legs

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      I had surgery for stage 2 Ovarian cancer in November 2010 (hysterectomy and removal of my ovaries and fallopian tubes, and debulking). I don't remember having any problems with a burning pain my legs because of the surgery. I do remember not being able to walk very much after the surgery. I was in the hospital for about 6 days afterward until I was able to eat, keep food down, get my bowels working, and healed enough to walk a short distance (i.e., once around the nurses station outside my door). It got better and I was able to go back to work (desk job) and was able to climb stairs about 3 weeks afterward. I started chemo about 3 and a half weeks after my surgery. During the chemo treatments, I did have aches in my legs below my knees for a few days after each chemo treatment. After 6 treatments of chemo 3 weeks apart, I started having problems with walking - probably because of peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage) due to the chemo and had some problems with my balance especially when walking more than normal. That lasted about 9 months after my last chemo treatment. I am now back to normal except for some peripheral neuropathy in the front part of foot and my toes.

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