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    Katie you are where I was.
    However, I had a needle core biopsy for my stage zero in May. They did an MRI and said "We got it all!" and scheduled and completed a "clean margin" lumpectomy in July. To my dismay (should I say shock and horror?) the "clean margins" revealed a stage 1 and they hadn't taken out any nodes!
    So there I was, with my medical oncologist urging me toward full chemo. My breast surgeon said I could have the nodes out (I didn't want more surgery). My radiation oncologist was just waiting in the wings.
    I had the nodes out August 24th.
    Negative for metastasis.
    The waiting game is the worst.
    Had I done what the med onco said, I'd be sick and weak and causing my body unnecessary future harm.
    Now I am going to take Tamoxifen and do Radiation.
    I drink Essiac Tea every day. Please google it. I brew my own.
    I am also going to a naturopathic doctor in October.
    I don't believe chemicals are the answer.
    I pray you find the strength and power you need to endure this.
    Don't believe everything you are told. Do your own research.
    There is much money to be made in this business. I've been a nurse for 17 years. Please follow your gut.
    Much love and support to you!!!

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      Thank you for reaching out. I'm come for a full fledged 60's family where we have always tried the homeopathic way first. I worked in a hospital over 20+ years as CNA, HHA and Patient Relations Coordinator. I still work in the a hospital.

      I'm very skeptical about radiation and hormones. I am currently reasearching Tamoxifen and it's side effects as well as the Radiation I will be receiving which will be 16 treatments. I'm going in as positive as I can in hopes that they remove all the cancer and it will not return.

      Over the weekend I finally asked the specifics of my Great Grandmothers Cancer. I always hear if it happens later in life then you shouldn't be affected so I felt safe. NO ONE is safe! I do know that since I just watched my best friend lay her mother to rest 2 months ago from breast cancer and Zero family history.

      I found out that my GREAT grandmother never checked on her cancer until it was to late, in her 60's and had a double mastectomy. I had also found out that my Great Grandmothers sister had ovarian cancer much earlier than my Great Grandmothers breast cancer but my grandmother couldn't remember the age.

      I just found this out and will tell my Oncologist man I have an Oncologist? Of my new findings.

      Just sharing more info and not sure why? Again thank you for telling me about the tea. I will research it.

      about 9 years ago
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