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    Has anyone lost their spouse and could tell me what to do to make it easier?

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      I lost my husband 10 years ago. Worst day of my life! He was my soul mate. I miss him dearly every day. It is not something you get over. But as time goes on you learn to cope. My grandchildren and my kids have helped. I think about him every day, but he wouldn't want me to be sad all the time. Just try and keep yourself as busy as you can. Travel if you can, do things that make you happy. Laugh as much as you can, think of all the good times you had. That always brings a smile to my face. Take care..

      almost 5 years ago
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      I lost my husband in September after 5 months - diagnosis of late-stage liver cancer. I was in the hospital having a lobectomy for lung cancer when he passed. We were together for nearly 26 years. As my head clears ( sort of ) from my ordeal, it is easier to grasp my loss. I'm seeing a counselor, talk to my friends and sisters, did a holiday grief thing via hospice. We love them and we miss them terribly - but we are still here and you know they would want us to find joy again, however small each piece is. Allow yourself to do whatever feels right for you, when it feels right. Don't let others keep you from your joy OR your grief. And time is the thing that lets the rawness subside. I still shed tears most every day, but I also embrace all the memories and smile. Good luck to you.

      over 4 years ago
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      I lost my wife of 31 yrs 13 yrsw ago to lung,bone,brain and lymph cancer.I didn't know what to do,people who I thought were friends wanted nothing to do with me.Went to a few greif meetings but none of them were moving on and then I heard on radio about a group online and joined them amd it made a big difference.I could tell them anything and they didn't judge me because they had been thru it also.How you handle greif is different for everyone and as long as my son was ok with me that was all I cared about.It took me about 2 yrs before I was ready to move on and having people understand the process was what helped me.Now here I am with bladder cancer facing who knows what.

      over 4 years ago
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    I just can't handle reading this any longer , I am very sad for all of you. The doctor said with treatment one to two years, He did not even live six months

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    God Be with YOU my Friend, Just know YOU are not alone

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    I know you are scared , so am I God be with you

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