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    Are you still doing well on our new drug?

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    I lost you but hope I have now found you. It was nice of you to answer my question about our new drug. I am only the second person at my cancer center that they have given this one to. I have had lots of nausea but am able to continue life. I played in a golf tournament and was able to play well despite feeling bad.

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    New Drug

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      I have had my third treatment of Kadcyla and I have absolutely no side effects. No low blood counts, no constipation or diarreha. No headaches. I have a bit of insomnia but I think that is due to me getting used to going to bed earlier due to the fatigue I had from the prior treatments of chemo and radiation etc., so I tend to wake up in the early morning hours with insomnia.
      They say that Kadcyla is a miracle drug. Let's hope so. I will keep you posted as I proceed with my treatment. When are you going to start?

      almost 5 years ago
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      I had my 1st treatment last Monday , Tuesday i got chills, bone pain, severe nausea, headaches and fatigue that lasted till Friday. I still have random bone pain and not much appetite. But blood counts were good this week :) Liver test on weds next week.

      about 4 years ago
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      I started the TDM1 (Kadcyla) trial on Thursday. Would love to compare notes if your interested? I had small bit of nausea with first infusion (had port placed right before so meds from that I believe made me queasy). Also had iron infusion same day. Small upset stomach last night, better today. Feel like I worked out at the gym, kind of achy but don't need anything for it. Next infusion is July 3rd, I go every three weeks.

      almost 4 years ago
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    Question: New Drug

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    Again I have to do a new chemo drug but will not loose my hair this time, I guess twice was enough. My new drug is Kadcyla (ado-trastuzumab emtansine). It contains Herceptin and a chemo drug that will work with the Herceptin. This is very new so I am not sure exactly which side effects to watch for. If any one is taking this drug I would love to hear from you.

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      I hope your new drug is a smashing success and smashes that cancer out of you. I was going to suggest that you post this on the questions page but I see you already have. Good luck with it, be sure and let us know how it treats you so others will know.

      almost 5 years ago