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    Oh No (Diagnosed): Learned todfay 11-12-12 that I have a mass by my left Adnexa measuring 6.6 x 8.6 x 6.8 centimeters. Tomorrow morning I will have a lymph node biopsy on the swollen lymph nodes right next to that area of my abdomen(groin). Then I the gynecological oncologists will examine me. Thank God I am at Northwestern Memorial. The hard part is that I am here on my own. Any support - survivors - intelligent alternatives - research - advice on easing my road are deeply appreciated.

    Tonight I am studying staging and trying to reach out for help and support from those in whom this grim thing has been solved. I do not know if it is malignant but it sounds like based on the size of it and the lymph node swelling . . . . . well let's say I am suddenly in the market for a miracle.

    I entered the emergency room last Thursday with Ascites and they removed maybe 20 oz of clear amber fluid from my abdomen which bloated over night about August 29, 2012.

    I have swollen lymph nodes under each armpit and have had several months of severe acid reflux/vomiting/indigestion. I am trim, non smoker, non-drinker with no family history of reproductive organ or breast cancer. I have never had a medical problem before this one.

    The albumin level in my blood is 2.1 and is 2.5 in the ascites fluid.

    I have no fever, have a good appetite, feel very healthy, and my lungs and breathing are great.

    I insist that whatever pain befalls my life be somehow used to benefit someone else.
    That inspires my true heart to be brave and do the right thing about what is wrong.
    It defies the alternative: incomprehensible demoralizing self-pity and despair.

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      Welcome to WhatNext! I simply had pain in my back. I was sure it was from having people not stop, when I had to in traffic... When I talked to a back surgeon he needed an MRI done. Oh that MRI... it revealed a large amount of fluid in my abdomine... and a large mass at least 17 centimeters in diameter. Off to the gynecologic oncologist surgeon here in Minnesota... 7 years ago it was a brand new specalty. There were only six in the Twin Cities. Thank God... the begining of a miracle. I had stage IV ovarian Cancer. This wonderful surgeon operated, removed the fluid, the tumor (soccer ball size) and the cancer that had moved on to my intestine and euretha... He got all he could see. He then chatted with my husband and son and they gave him permission to put an internal port completely within my abdomine (on a rib) for doing Interperitenial chemo infusion. Long/short, I was the first at the clinic to received this therapy... I received six 28 day cycles of chemo - three infusions a cycle. Day 1 I/V infusion; Days 2 and 8 I/P infusion. Finished up about Thanksgiving time. Went back and my wonderful oncologist had read about another treatment... One chemo infusion a month for twelve months. We did that too. Thus after almost two years of chemo... My miracle happened... I have been totally cancer free since my surgery! My doc jumped when he saw the results of the PET CT Scan showed no evidence of cancer at all. We then did all the chemo to be sure that some single cell didn't survive and come back to smack me. It's seven years in January since I was diagnosed. Miracles do happen!!!! I'm a walking talking one. As I realized what they were looking for/at... I closed my eyes and askd God to talke my hand and lead me to where he wanted me to be. He immediately removed my fear and has walked beside me guiding me from there to here. I joined WhatNext to let others like you, know that this can be beaten... I'm betting there are lots of newer techniques now for treatment.. God bless you and help guide you through this. Another thing I did... I ALWAYS did what the doctor said. I didn't take breaks, I stayed in treatment... I never saw myself as anything but a survivor. I had God walking with me... even if I died, I'd be going home... Sort of a win - win!... In the last seven years I've seen grandchildren graduate from high school and/or college... Danced at the wedding of my grandson. Held two great grandchildren in my arms. Danced with my husband... (Something we both waited for) Treatment left me tired, sometimes sore, and with numb fingers and feet. I take Vit. B-12 and that helps, My hair never grew back thick enough for me to wear.... so I have several lovely wigs.. My hair is white... but my hubby voted for a pale blonde wig.... I let him have his dream... AND I'm ready at a momments notice to go out to dinner.. Hair alway looks good. NO bad hair days. I'm here if you want to chat... I'm sorry you had to look for WhatNext, but so very glad you found us!!!

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