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    GregP_WN asked a questionHead & Neck/Throat Cancer

    How do you get humility and gratitude? This worked for me

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      What a wonderful surprise! Your Sweetie is very special, but you already know that! You sound ready to get in there and get this done and over with! Waiting so long must have been torture! Your big job after is to get better. Behave and do what they tell you! I found that most helpful when I got frustrated! We all will be waiting for the word that everything went fine and it’s successful! You are a WARRIOR!! Best wishes to you and your family!

      about 2 hours ago
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      Thank you for sharing your personal story. I wish you the best through all of this. You are an inspiration to countless people around the world. God bless you and Donna on this leg of the journey.

      about 1 hour ago
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    I think we all need to do this, and in the end, when we are reminiscing about all we have done we can say we did it and beat cancer at the same time!