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    I've had some wins,
    and I’ve been knocked down by defeats.
    I’ve glimpsed views from the mountaintop,
    and I’ve walked through the darkest of valleys.
    But through this entire ride called 'life'
    I've refused to give up.

    For it is when I struggled
    that I have been strengthen.
    It is when challenged to my core
    that I learned the depth of who I am.
    My difficulties did not bring me to me knees,
    they brought me to my feet.

    And I survived because the fire inside me
    burned brighter that the fire around me.

    ~ S. Maraboli & R. Sharma

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    Being afraid of what's to come and the unknown are common emotions when we are going through a cancer diagnosis and treatments. Our blog post "Are You Petrified Over An Upcoming Procedure" has some tips on how to cope with it.