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    Rest in peace Greg, you fought valiantly and courageously. And were an inspiration to all..prayers for your family.

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    Being a poster boy and part of WhatNext from the beginning, Sadly... I'm another one that does not log on that often. Today I was driven here because of a survey... only to hear of Greg's passing. My condolences to his family and to all of us that will miss him and his words that were always spot on and from the heart. R.I.P. my Brother Rest in Peace.. <3

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      I have been on this sight since 2013. Greg and Donna are my heroes. May you rest in peace Greg. Thank you Donna for your everlasting love and care.

      3 months ago
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    Is there a place on this site to light a virtual candle for Greg?

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    I just found out about Greg passing away. I am so sorry. He and his family went through so much. I was praying that he would beat this latest cancer too. He truly is a hero and an amazing man. Rest in peace Greg.

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    Thank you Colby. I love this site. So glad you snd others can step up. Thank you.

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    GregP_WN posted a blog post

    SITE ANNOUNCEMENT: New Moderator Introduction

    Hello WhatNext community. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Colby and I'm the managing editor at Patient Worthy, a patient-focused news website. In the weeks since Greg's passing, there has been much discussion behind the scenes about the future of WhatNext and how to best ensure that the website continues to grow. I don't have any final answers for you today, but I did want to let everyone here know that we will be stepping in to help with moderation and site maintenance duties to help keep everything running smoothly. If you have any questions, please let me know and feel free to say hi. Thanks for your time.

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      Hello, Colby. I've been away from WhatNext for a while. It is now I hear of Greg's passing away. Such sad news. I really loved his posts when I checked in. Uplifting. Funny. Helpful.
      I know we are all fighting here, and I am thankful for the kindness shared.
      My word for 2021 is HOPE. I look for a Scripture verse and/or thought from writers who inspire hope and journal about it.
      Trying to keep up with the news, world events has taken a lot of life out of me so I have decided to let the world go on without me, and I will magnify HOPE in Christ Jesus. Love.

      about 1 month ago
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      Wondering if anyone will be caring for the Facebook page as well. Such a shame to watch spammers posting there. Also wish that some announcement of Greg's passing had been posted there. Many followed him and have no idea he has passed on. Sincerest sympathy for his family, friends and the WhatNext community. He shined a light that should continue as he would have wanted and others find comfort in. Thank you for maintaining the site.

      25 days ago
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      I have been away from What next for awhile now. I am sadden to hear of Gregg's passing. Sincerest condolences to his wife and family. Welcome Colby.

      4 days ago