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    GregP_WN asked a questionHead & Neck/Throat Cancer

    Do you ever want to send a text to someone you know, but don't quite know what to say?

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      This is a good post, GregP_WN.

      It reminds people to simply be people as is ordinary and as how they have always been with each other.

      I lost a gf to this lastest attack by squamous. I was shocked when my "friend" immediately distanced herself. I know she already had responsibilities so I did not expect much but she separated herself so quickly I was thoroughly amazed.

      I was her angel but she not mine. I took her to the hospital twice when she got an infection she was unable to quell on her own. I visited her and returned her home when she was well, each time.

      Her response to me when I told her there was a teeny spot of cancer was outrageous. "What are you going to do?" and then she changed the subject without even waiting for a reply.

      So I never gave her a reply. On subsequent occasions when she asked "How are you doing?" my response has always been "Fine. TY."

      I no longer ask her how she is doing or what she is up to or invite her to lets do this or do that.

      When people are helpless, the least they can do is say "I'll pray for you." A good vibe is always nice.

      Best wishes.

      about 5 hours ago
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      The only one we can really count on is ourselves.
      I talk about sports, politics and anything else except the cancer UNLESS they ask me.

      about 5 hours ago
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      Yes, when people tell me they want to help, but I know they can't really do anything; I usually just thank them for caring and ask them to pray. Geekling I have my husband's back, I can't understand how anybody can turn their back on a loved one with cancer, so sorry you had that experience.

      about 3 hours ago