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    Another example of why we need to be our own #1 advocate

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      You are so right that we must advocate for ourselves. Sometimes, we just know that it's not right. My PCP told me that my rectal bleeding was "probably" hemorrhoids. I said that "probably" was not good enough and asked to be referred for a colonoscopy. My diagnosis after biopsy and staging scans - Stage IV rectal cancer.

      All of us at WhatNext are praying for you and your new diagnosis.

      about 12 hours ago
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      My whole cancer journey started with a mammogram that they radiologist said it's "probably" nothing. Like you, my nothing turned into something.

      about 10 hours ago
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      Not only do we have to be advocates for ourselves, but also our spouses. Sometimes, they tell you something and won't tell the doctor. So it's our job to see that things are looked at when your spouse says he doesn't want to bother the doctor. He had been in a bike race and had fallen. After two days of moaning, I made him see the doctor. He had two cracked ribs. He just needed me to push him to see his doctor.

      about 7 hours ago