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    Yep, it's going to be time to strap our shoes on and go face the music again tomorrow. I wish you all the best in whatever issues and demons you're facing! Tomorrow is a gift, make the most of it!

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      Greg I wish you the best with your new condition. I know you are a trooper and pray that God comforts you. I am a caregiver for my wife that has had stage 4 metastatic bone cancer for 6 years now. Her tumor marker was 54 last month and we go back Tuesday for her shot and new tumor marker number. I read in one of your comments where its like a roller coaster you get comfortable or feel normal and then boom another mishap, I agree to the roller coaster ride but am very thankful that God has blessed me with the miracle of keeping my wife around since she was diagnosed at 39 with breast cancer and the last 6 years was stage 4 metastatic. Hang in there you are an inspiration to a lot of us in this forum.

      2 days ago
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      Thank you Sunshine! My best to you and your wife as she continues down this road.

      1 day ago