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    Milestones: Going into the 4th year since diagnosis. After annual PET scan, still cancer free. My ENT told me that 3 years after last radiation treatment, if cancer has not returned, then pretty much home free.

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    I am making myself try to remember as much as I can, in case someone has a question I can answer. My last radiation treatment was in October of 2010 and I would say my "energy" level is almost back to about 70 percent. I have talked to or read about some whom have went back to work almost immediately and how energetic they are and when hearing this I felt like I was somehow failing in a way but that isnt true and I hope that If you feel that way..well..just STOP!. Some of us may share the same disease but we are each unique individuals. If there is anything I can tell you that will help or comfort..please contact me.

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      I know it's been awhile since you posted but I was wondering about your recovery and getting back to normal. My husband just completed 7 weeks of radiation with 3 chemo treatments. Tomorrow is 10 days since last treatment and he feels he should be feeling better by now. At least some improvements, even tho his doc said it would take 2 weeks before he would see any improvement. I am afraid he will get very discouraged. He is tube feeding, can't eat any food, is trying to drink as much as possible but sometimes coughs alot after drinking. His energy level is very low and sleeps alot.

      over 9 years ago
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