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    Port placement pain

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      I've had a chest port for 2 years and it's had to be "checked" twice through the camera used for placement because Dr wanted to see what was causing pain and discomfort so much of the time.
      It was concluded the port is functional but Dr said it could be hitting against a nerve, hence pain.
      I was given the choice to have it removed and another put in its place but there's no guarantee it will be any different, or worse. So, I endure it.
      It hurts less if I maintain a bra in place, but who wants to sleep with a bra on?

      12 months ago
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      Almost 3. Yrs now I forget it's there until I need a flush but when I 1st got it it was uncomfortable,weird especially since it was in my body that took a while to get used to it u remember some pain but more tightness and hard to move now it like it's not there

      11 months ago
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      I have had pain with mine ever since they put it in (2018) It always is black, blue, brown. I have a black spot where one of the bumps is coming through my skin. Wearing a bra, seatbelts, and laying on my side causes pain. I’ve begged them to take it out!

      11 months ago
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