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    Oh No (Money): Dad was diagnosed w/Grade 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme in Dec. 2011. We have decided to take a proactive approach with chemotherapy and radiation treatment, with hopes that his body responds favorably to treatment.

    Although he has health insurance under BCBS/Blue Advantage, we have just discovered that his co-pay could possibly be $1500 for a 30 day supply of Temodar. We are fearful that we will not have enough money to sustain treatment. Currently, I am applying for RX assistance through our patient advocate Ms. Carson at the Montgomery Cancer Center, but am afraid we may not qualify. What do we do next, if we are not eligible?

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      It's incredibly frustrating how expensive it is for treatment. I'm going to offer a few suggestions:

      1) On the top of the page on the blue bar, click on Resources. There may be some local financial assistance programs that may be offered.

      2) Contact the American Cancer Society at the phone number below at the bottom of this page. They can provide you with some options.

      3) We recently ran a blog, Dealing with the Costs of Cancer that gives some ideas. http://blog.whatnext.com/blog/peer-perspectives/9-tips-for-dealing-with-the-financials-of-cancer

      I hope this helps and please keep us posted. Also post a Question in the Questions section (click on Questions in the blue bar above). You may get some other ideas.

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