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    cocomollie, Hi there i have thyroid cancer, no stage listed,I had one treatment of RAI 131 in feb 2012 and that is all 1 iodine scan feb 24 2012 and nothing since. I am so excited to be going to CTCA in Goodyear AZ this Sunday aug 19-25 or for 2 weeks, for evaluation and treatment. I want to get rid of it badly and the battle is very difficult. The fatigue is severe, tiredness is overwhelming. I am hoping very heavily that CTCA can help me or kill it. If it gets to bones, brain or lungs then it becomes an all out war. I am here for you. I am 51 yrs old. Diagnosed dec. 2, 2011. Am trying to just hang in there though bills are eating us alive right now. I really need help but no help from ACS for thyroid cancer here in LAs vegas, nv.

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    Hi bluedolls, I have thyroid cancer no stage done, had one treatment of RAI 131 feb 20, 2012 and was throwing up 30minutes after given to me for 2 weeks. One iodine scan done feb 24 and it showed high uptake but no more scans no more treatments, just endo jerking my synthroid around in doses still not regulated. finally at 300mcg i think I was starting to feel better and then she said I was too suppressed and now back at 250mcg and dose too low and mood swings just awful as is raw emotions. My husband and i fight alot, the least amount of stress sets me off. My husband can't/ won't talk with me and is supposed to be my caretaker so when I get to CTCA hopefully we can get counceling and get too bottom of it or i need a new caretaker. would love to have a buddy like you we need to exchange emails off of here.

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    Hi drummerboy,
    I have a question and no answers yet. Kinda new on this program. I have severe low thyroid (hyothyroidism) from thyroid cancer. Getting ready to go CTCA this sunday for 1-2 weeks not sure yet. I am having severe constipation and nothing seems to work. Have tried stool softners, dulcolax, metamucil, beans, salads lots of fiber and tons a gallon of water a day. My poor rrhoids burn, and bleed. Did you have this? what worked for you?

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      During my chemo I had problems with that, and diarhea. I would get one, then get that fixed only to go too far the otehr way. Docs would give me meds to make me go, then I would have to take something else to make me stop. Seems there was no inbetween. I would tell your Doc, they have meds that will work, they just need to know your having a problem and they will help you with it.

      Hope it works for you, I know it's miserable.

      over 9 years ago
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    Hi emory, I am so excited as the time gets closer and closer to going to CTCA for help with my thyroid cancer and a cure, remission!! Did you see my ? of the constipation? did you have it? what worked to get rid of it? i just can't get rid of it and my rrhoids you know? burn and bleed. I am 51 yrs. Let me know any help is more than greatly appreciated emory..

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    Hi hikinggirl, how are you doing? Its me just wondering about you and thinking about you?