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    Thanks for taking the time to answer questions and offer support to others! It makes a big difference to those who have questions and need information for someone to offer that. A new diagnosis is a scared and lonely place, we can help them by just answering a few questions and offering a shoulder to lean on.

    Thank you again, we hope you're doing well.
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    hikerchick asked a questionBreast Cancer

    How many of you have had endometrial biopsies come back anything but benign?

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      I was diagnosed w/stage IV endometrial cancer back in Aug 2012. So I did get to have an endometrial biopsy that did come back as malignant. Biopsy was not pleasant. I promised him I wouldn't scream, and I didn't. But I'm sure I left finger impressions on that exam table! Cancer or not, if you are looking at a hysterectomy, it wasn't that bad. I wasn't scared going into it because I had just had a hernia repair (that's how cancer was discovered). Minimal pain for me. I was in the hospital 3 days. Went home with a 10 lb lifting limit, which was annoying because I live alone. Grocery shopping was interest because 10 lbs is about the weight of a gallon of milk. Had to ask 'em to pack stuff light. I was off work 6 weeks. Would sit watching stupid daytime tv and thinking "if I can sit and stare at the tv, why can't I go to work and stare at my computer". Then I'd do laundry and have to take a nap. Ok, this is why I'm not at work... I was able to work through treatment, though.

      Not quite sure if that answers some of your questions. If I missed the mark, let me know if I can clarify anything further for you. Hope your biopsy comes back negative.

      over 2 years ago
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      lh25 (Best Answer!)

      Hi - most of them do come back OK. Of those that don't, about 40% of the time they are cancer. And of those, often a hysterectomy is all the treatment that is needed.

      I was one of the rare ones. My journey started with heavy bleeding one night, bad enough to go to the ER. They thought I had fibroids, and sent me to the GYN for a biopsy. That part was fine, just a little uncomfortable. It came back questionable, so I had a hysterectomy. That part wasn't bad, I was in the hospital 1 night. They did it mostly laparoscopic, I had one larger incision. Like BuckeyeShelby said, I didn't have much pain. I was off work 4 weeks, I could have gone back after 3 probably but by that time found out I had stage 3 endometrial cancer and was dealing with that and planning for treatment. In my case 6 rounds of chemo followed by 28 radiation session.

      Chemo was hard. I would be sick for a few days after the treatment, and tired most of the time. Food tasted odd and I didn't have an appetite. I also lost my hair, that was hard.

      My prognosis is good, we think we caught it in time before it spread beyond the uterus and an ovary, and the treatments killed any stray cells.

      So, while most do come back negative and I hope you are one of them, even if it doesn't you can get through it.

      Any questions. please ask!

      over 2 years ago
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      Thanks ladies, this was very helpful. I thought I had posted to the breast cancer group. Looks like it's not too common with breast cancer survivors, thankfully. I think everything is fine, but I had no risk factor for breast cancer besides being female, and that was found in multiple places in both breasts. Sounds like statistically chances of bad stuff are pretty low for me. I'll keep my fingers crossed.Glad you both came through everything so well!

      over 2 years ago
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