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    Decision Point (After 6 years in a "recovery period" I want to return to work and began submitting applications.)

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    Procedure or Surgery (Surgery)

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    Immediately began praying for God’s cure. Looked up Saint Perrgrine’s prayer for you.

    He along with Christ answered my prayers.
    Repeat at least 3 times a day.

    Saint Peregrin's Prayer for Cancer

    You answered the divine call
    With a ready spirit,
    And forsook all the comforts of the world
    To dedicate yourself to God
    In the Order of His Most Holy Mother.

    You labored manfully
    For the salvation of souls;
    And in union with Jesus Crucified
    You endured the most painful sufferings

    With such patience
    As to deserve to be
    Healed miraculously
    Of an incurable cancer
    In your leg by a touch
    Of his divine hand.

    Obtain for me
    The grace to answer

    Every call of God
    And to fulfill His Will
    In all the events of life.

    Enkindle in my heart
    A consuming zeal
    For the salvation of souls;
    Deliver me from the infirmities
    that afflict my body

    (name your petition)

    Obtain for me

    Perfect resignation to the sufferings
    It may please God to send me,
    So that, imitating our Crucified Savior
    And His Sorrowful Mother,
    I may merit eternal glory in heaven.


    St. Peregrine, pray for me
    And for all who invoke your aid. (3 times)

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    I'm searching for local Boston city center housing for my family to use when visiting me from Virginia during May and June when my surgery is scheduled. Surgery will take 5 days, recovery 5 in Mass Gen and then rehabilitation for 3 to 5 weeks near the hospital. This takes us into June and maybe early July 2012. I am seeking complimentary housing and very willing to provide some donation, however my family's funds are short. Travel to Boston area runs about $500 per trip - fuel, tolls, food. Visits will be infrequent but important! Thank you.

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    Radiation (Photon and Proton Beam): I am at Massachusetts General's Lunder Proton / Photon Radiation Therapy Center receiving 2 weeks of photon radiation to be followed by 3 weeks of proton radiation. This is a pre-surgery procedure to prepare my left pelvis, where the chondrsarcoma is located, for surgery. Currently (3/30/12) in the first week. No noticeable effects. Willing to share experiences.

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