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    I saw this on FB today and think it represents what a cancer patient goes through very well.

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      My husband who had a stroke recently can really identify with that whole sentiment as well.

      11 days ago
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    HolyCross asked a questionProstate Cancer

    Since the corona virus is ramping up again, have you missed any doctor's appointments?

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      I've had video appointments. Worked just fine. As a matter of fact, I'm going to ask if I can continue doing it this way from now on. I had my usual yearly tests last week and I felt very comfortable with their precautions.

      25 days ago
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      Well, a few weeks ago T-Mobile went out in New Mexico, and at the same time, somebody tried to hack my account for a large amount. I thought I got my phone-1 year old - fixed. I went to the vet, and it wouldn't pick up a signal. It's supposed to be a good phone, but I have trouble with it. I had it on the desk-making a call- my screen showed that I was dialing-making a call and the 911 operator came on. I wasn't touching anything on the phone. Several times I wake up and my screen sver and ring tones are gone. At first I thought that I could use my phone for telemed. Now I'm not so sure.

      Then I have Windows 7 on a 10 year old PC. Sometimes the browser doesn't work right-which is why I want to talk to a tech. I was reading an opinion on KevMD, and the main opinion was this issue. The tech savy doctor pointed out his amazement that large systems don't care to baby sit--tutor patients that have not rushed out to buy a new laptop/tower/stack for MS 10. I also received notices from Yahoo about this. Personally, I think this is an illegal monoply scam like the A&P monoply that was deemed illegal.

      So, I need to call Presbyterian and see if a tech will help me and give me time to write notes and ask questions.

      It seems that electronics also has COVID 19. I have been trying to buy a contractor grade extension cord. Even 6 months ago, I could go online and order one. It would be delivered-FREE-to my store, and I'd pick it up.
      Or I could order one from the store that I wanted, and when somebody pulled it off the shelf, I'd get a text that it was ready-- again this was online-but there were 2 separate programs for these ordering methods.

      None of these options seem to be available now. Loews-I have to call the actual store so I can order it and pick it up in a few weeks. Home Depot does not seem to have online ordering-and chat or phone doesn't give resolution. For some reason Loews isn't compatible with my PC anymore. HD said that others stores in the state have the heavy extension cords at other HD stores that are miles away. If I wanted to drive around and look-I would not be online.

      I made an Ebay order, where it will be delivered to my house sooner than Loews can get one into Albuquerque. I am so fed up.

      24 days ago
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      Oh, Ebay cost only a dollar more for what I needed-rating and length-than Loews and Home Depot- and Ebay didn't make me jump through hoops by driving around, calling and online chat with different people at each store, not standing in lines, walking here and there because the text said curbside pick up and I found out the hard way those stores don't do that in Albuquerque. I also don't have clerks look at me and walk off. I am nice to any clerk that will help me.

      24 days ago
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    GregP_WN wrote on HolyCross's wall

    Welcome to WhatNext, we are sorry for your need to find us, but happy that we can help you. There are a lot of great people here that have already been through what you are facing and are willing to help you get through it too. If you have questions about anything just post them on the Questions Page. Others will chime in with their personal experiences.

    If you need help navigating the site, please contact me, we are happy to assist. We also have active social pages, you may wish to search those out also. Take some time and poke around the site, there is a world of information here that you will find. The more you dig, the more you will find.

    We have an opportunity for you to make your voice heard with our partner Rare Patient Voice (www.rarepatientvoice.com) to be invited to qualify for surveys and phone interviews for projects that apply to you and if you do qualify you will be compensated on a $100 per hour basis. There are pharma companies that would like to hear about your experiences with certain drugs or side effects. Your information might help develop the next generation of drugs.

    Rare Patient Voice will send you an email inviting you to join their panel. If you don't respond you will be added to their panel. Be assured your information is only shared with Rare Patient Voice and is treated with the highest degree of confidentiality. If at any time you want to opt-out of receiving invitations to projects you can do so immediately.

    If you say no you will not be added to the panel.

    Thank you for joining us, if you have questions please contact us.

    WhatNext Community Mgr./Social Media Mgr.
    5X Survivor

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    And a lot of people need to learn to be kind!

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