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    Has anyone had this "Antiandrogen" therapy?

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      I know little about this except that is is used by transgender people, can damage a liver and, if it is helpful against cancer that makes it wonderful.

      Best wishes & very very good luck.

      17 days ago
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      My initial therapy was androgen deprivation therapy (Eligard) for two years and IMRT (45 treatments), no surgery. At diagnosis my PSA was 25 and Gleason 8. I'm now almost eight years from diagnosis and my PSA is staying at 0.2 or less. Obviously can't comment about it as therapy for recurrent cancer.

      16 days ago
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    I have a serious research question. Egg Nog or Boiled Custard?

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      Don't forget things like ice cream, nutritional drinks, frozen custard, puddings, and other things that can help you gain wait. And they go down pretty smoothly, too.

      As for eggnog or custard, I would prefer the eggnog.

      2 months ago
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      We split the middle, I like Egg Nog, Donna likes custard.

      2 months ago
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      I've never had boiled custard, but I do NOT like egg nog.

      2 months ago
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    What symptoms did you have that made you think you might have a problem or prostate cancer?

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      Felt absolutely nothing. PSA test started everything. Hormones, Brachytherapy then Radiation. Just comleted. Plenty of symptoms from that.

      3 months ago
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      1. Did regular PSA checks; they started to go up each time.I have always watched my health indicators. 2. A DRE (digital rectal exam) suggested lesions in the posterior area. 3. A biopsy clearly showed in the pathologist report that I had out of a test 12 cores - 2 gleason 6's, 2 7's. The rest were okay. (benign). But a 4+3. My cancer was confined to the prostate. And scans showed that it had NOT spread throughout my body. I was pressured to do something fast. It was my choice, but I decided to go on active surveillance. With periodic tests and check-ups. When my PSA jumped faster to around and 18-20, I decided to have a second biopsy which revealed a couple of cores out of 14 indicated 8,s. So I chose radiotherapy,(IMRT) along with Casedex and Lupron. These are androgen deprivation therapy's. My oncologist gave me lots of support during my decision-making time. The radiation went well for me. I changed my diet. (low carbs)Dates: 2011 was when I was first diagnosed with prostate cancer. After lots of research and convincing my urologist to wait for one year- the fall of 2011 to the fall of 2012. I finally decided to do the treatment protocol in the spring of 2013. It's been three years and I have not had what they call a "phoenix return." YET! It all depends what is going on at the cellular and molecular levels. If the conditions are right for the cancer to return - it will. I seem to be managing it okay for the moment. Five years is considered a good bench-mark! Although the psa has moved a little from a 0.010 to a 0.025. Every six months I do a follow-up! Three years in remission is a good sign.
      I believe I have been blessed with a slow growing type. According to epigenetics - you can change the expression of your immuno-suppressor genes. I am aware the cancer "stem cells"
      can still be activated - it depends on how well your wellness habits are working for you.I have been experiencing with all sorts of food inputs. i.e. herbs, only eat 2 times a day and do lots of intermittant fasting which seems to lower the expression of insulin in the carb/sugar cycle. And, don't forget to stay up on the latest research. And follow an exercise routine. And join your local support group or go on line to find chat rooms and/or information.

      A survivor so far,


      3 months ago
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      Hi, HotRodTodd!

      I haven't been around, much, too many other things on my plate. Nice to see you are still up and asking questions. Remember, we are all in this together.

      I didn't have any symptoms beyond one midnight urination every three days or so. My annual digital exams were clear, but my PSA scores jumped from about 3.5 to 5.5 and then 7.8 within two years. If you check my wall, you'll note that my biopsies were _all_ positive.

      So had surgery.


      James 2:24

      3 months ago
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