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    What's the highest your PSA score has been?

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      I went in for my regular check up and my p s a was 4.5 one outside of normal range . My Doctor did not catch it and when I asked him about it wasn't concern .Said he would send me to a specialist . went in and got tested again was the same . So he said come back in 6 months and we will recheck it. 6 months later still the same . So they wanted to do a Biopsy which by the end started to pinch . He met with us after words and said everything looked ok .Sent samples to lab and then got a call cancer. 3/4 covered a high g score and a very aggressive . so I had the scans to make sure it had not spread and had it removed. I was having a hard time going back and forth on if I had made the right choice . Its been a year and a1/2 and clean with the help from everyone here Thank

      17 days ago
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      10.5 six months after normal PSA, Gleason 9, 5+4...high grade with metastases, 2 cycles chemo,prostedectomy,Hormone therapy with Lipton,, 3 month active surveillance, reoccurrence in bladder, surgery again, currently in clinical trial experimental immunotherapy with Keytruda,happy to report significant therapeutic response, PSA undetectable, no Lupron ,able to make testosterone,and 40%regression in tumor site, proving that immunotherapy is effective treatment for Prostate specific cancers expressing the surface antigen that the PD-1/PDL1 checkpoint inhibitor's will recognize and kill...my medical team is elated and my future looks brighter.

      16 days ago
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      My PSA had moved from 4.5 to 5.4 between annual physicals so my doctor recommended I get a biopsy. They found cancer in 3 of 9 cores with a Gleason score of 6. My urologist went over options and I decided to do active surveillance while I got educated. At the 6 month mark my PSA had jumped to 10.9. After discussion I decided on a surgical option. The laparoscopic prostatectomy was successful and after 1 year my PSA is undetectable.

      16 days ago
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    Have you had anyone accuse you of being lazy when you're just run down and tired with no energy left from fighting the cancer and all the

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      Yes I have..many family members have thought nothing of saying..Well you could have had it a lot worse..I simply ignore them.

      Listen to yourself and your own needs. sometimes the advocating is about standing up for yourself with family..sorry to say but its true.. So do what feels right for yourself and let the rest blow in the wind.

      5 months ago
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      Yes! My own father told me to suck it up, get off the couch and cook and clean for my family!
      Also, I work at a church, and every time I saw the pastor he would ask how I was feeling, my response was usually " tired" So one day he says " You're always tired!"
      I don't get it either. Some people say that others can't relate if they haven't been through it themselves, but I say that if poison is being pumped into one's body, other people should take their word for it that it is difficult!

      5 months ago
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      I think that no one should be called lazy, though I've been known to say it, more than once, to my partner. He doesn't drink caffeine, and I'm "lazy," too, on the days when I don't drink coffee. People undergoing chemo should CERTAINLY never be called lazy! But we are all prone to saying careless things sometimes.

      5 months ago
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    People think sometimes that because I'm feeling bad and run down that I'm lazy. It's more like I'm just tired of fighting this and the meds all the time and I am beat down. There is a difference. How do you explain this to people?

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      You arent lazy. You are very busy healing.

      5 months ago
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      Explain it once, if you want them to know. If not tell them you have medical problems that you had rather not discuss. If they don't except your reasons than they aren't truly friends and let them beleive what they want. They are going to anyway. As I often say "People's remarks and opinions,say alot about who they are, not on who I am".

      5 months ago
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      I do have a problem with this because the person who accuses me of laziness is me. However my sister-in-law does understand this because she suffers from Fibromyalgia' the worst and most misunderstood disease on the planet. When I had my last cancer she told me that the important thing was for ME to accept my limitations and go on from there, and ignore anyone who doesn't have medical training. My sister-in-law gets that "lazy talk" a lot.

      5 months ago