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    Happy 6th year Anniversary!!!

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    I am 8 months post chemo and saw your post about stiffness from 5 years ago. I am 43 and also noticing it a lot. Even if I sit down for 3 minutes and stand up, I hobble around like an old person. I feel it the most in my ankles. I was just wondering if it's any better now? Or if you have any advice on how to help? I have been trying to get back in shape the last 6 months and my stiff ankles just set me back it seems. I just always thought once I was done with chemo and the cancer, I'd go right back to normal. Thanks for listening. I feel like I am crazy and no one understands why I'm not back to normal yet. :)

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    Neuropathy Status Quo for Years - Suddenly Getting Worse

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      Just curious: Did you experience swollen feet/legs during/after treatment? I saw one person like that. I think that person was prescribed a diuretic. I would also totally agree with seeing a neurologist.

      6 months ago
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      In answer, alivenwell, I do not recall having swollen feet/legs during/after treatment, although ironically my feet do feel -- without any visual signs -- as if they are swollen at all times, especially when walking.(and barefoot is out for me). I regularly examine them and for all intents and purposes appear normal and even my podiatrist (as it is vital to keep nails trimmed) indicated no visual swelling. As they say, "chemo is the gift that keeps on giving." Maybe you will have some good input with your neurologist, and if so,please pass it along to all of us. Keep the faith.

      6 months ago
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      You could try a b12 methylcobalamin supplement.

      You could stop eating small fish (sardines, mackerel, whitefish) which are high in uric acid.

      You could add sprouts and berries to your daily food.

      Next time you go for a blood test, ask that all of your vitamin & minerals be checked. There is always a way but it may not be easy.

      4 months ago
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