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    Other Care (Opthomology care prior to diagnosis plus the finding thyroid cancer and removal of the thyroid gland.): I currently have 2 issues of concern regarding my bout with ocular cancer.

    First, I am unsure of what to expect now that I've had radiation treatment for my eye cancer. Also, my original ocular oncologist has moved to another state and I am unsure of the physician that has replaced him. I've asked my referring retina specialist for assistance in determining the next step to take, i.e., referring me to another ocular oncologist or staying with the new retina and vitreous specialist who replaced him.

    The inconvenience of going to another ocular oncologist out of state is a minor concern but I'm unsure of the level of care I'll receive from the new doctor. His comment that having only 4 patients with my eye condition does't cause him to need to stay on the cutting edge of the surgical treatment doesn't instill much confidence, though.

    Second, my husband will be retiring within the next few months and his insurance coverage that includes me will expire after 4 or 5 months. I am concerned about any unknown expenses that my primary insurance may not cover. I don't know what resources are available to me now or in the near future.

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      My eye cancer could not be treated in my state, either. You might try the Wills Eye Institute in Philadelphia because they work with people who have no insurance and are rated in the top 3 facilities for eye cancer.

      almost 10 years ago
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