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    I would recommend a second opinion. I had a second opinion and I am so glad I did! I had told my current doctor's nurse I wanted a second opinion, but didn't want to offend my doctor. The nurse said, "Don't worry about offending your doctor, you can bet she would go for a second opinion if she had cancer." Remember this is your life and you are in charge of what happens to you!
    Best of luck and hugs.

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    I am so sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Cancer sucks but don't give up. If you can - search for the most experienced surgeon & oncologist & research what treatments have been effective,if you don't feel up to this maybe a family member/friend can do this for you. I started my journey 12/10 in Duluth, MN, but wanted a second opinion & more experienced surgeon & oncologist so went to Mayo Clinic MN. Had experienced & knowledgeable
    surgeons & doctors there. The past year was a real challenge. I had a separate type of cancer in each breast,including Her 2 positive in 1 breast, double mastectomies,chemo for 6 mos.,blood clot in 1 leg, multiple blood clots in both lungs,various infections, radiation M-F for 6 wks & a total hysterectomy. It was a bear of a time,but now I am doing so much better & enjoying life,again.
    I wish you the best & bushels of hugs.

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    So sorry to hear of you having breast cancer 3 times and of the loss of your husband. It sounds like you are a brave woman. When did you have your mastectomy? I have the same memory problems, for me it is Chemo Brain,which can be a real side effect of chemo. My oncologist suggested doing crossword puzzles & memory games to improve my brain function. I wonder if your having neuropathy (numbness) in your hands & feet,which can be a side effect of chemo. Have you tried Gabapentin for the numbness/burning in your feet, it is helpful for some people & it may make you tired which may help you to sleep better at night. I wish you well.

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    I'm so sorry for your diagnosis. I agree with the recommendations written by the people below. Good luck!

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    What is triple negative & DCIS? How do you not worry thinking okay I didn't have breast cancer in 1 breast, I had it in both breasts & each was different?
    Hope your having a good day!

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    Before I asked about PET scans as my oncologist said now doctors don't do PET scans until there is symptoms of possible metastatic cancer. I am not sure if I'm comfortable with not having a PET scan done, just to be sure. Did you have a PET scan?

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      Yes, I did, but I have inflamatory breast cancer which is typically very agressive and fast growing, so metastisis was a concern.

      over 9 years ago