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    Any ideas for weight gain?

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      Can he take a steroid like prednisone? It made me super ravenous. He could also try eating high fatty foods, like ice cream (that's what I ate during chemo, and was unfortunately the reason why I didn't lose weight). I've heard recommendations of ensure and nutritional drinks like that, but my belief is that this has the opposite effect, as in the drinks are filling and nutritious and the person drinking them doesn't want anything else (good for diet though). Hope you find a good solution.

      almost 7 years ago
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      You may want to talk about medication for just that purpose. It works, my hubby took it for a short period and was able to eat again without it. It made him ravenous.

      over 6 years ago
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      Thank you for sharing your experience. Your question helped inspire a blog article we posted recently about how to get back to healthy weight after cancer treatment.


      Perhaps you will find it helpful. It shares insights from WhatNexters on simple things they have done to gain weight back.


      about 6 years ago
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    JannD asked a questionProstate Cancer

    Anyone have experience with Zytiga?

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      Zytiga has much lower side effects than chemotherapy such as Taxotere (Docetaxel). The response rate to Zytiga is 80% which means 8/10 men will respond and get better with Zytiga and 2/10 will not. So you need to realise there is a 20% chance of this medication not working. For most men Zytiga can really improve quality of life and gives these men more energy and less lain from the disease. In the 80% of responses to Zytiga some of the responses are remarkably good with a reduction in bone mets and large decreases in PSA levels sustaine in some cases for many years. The longest survivor took part in the original clinical trials in London and he is an 8 year survivor on Zytiga.

      over 7 years ago
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      Zytiga is so new, there are few men to tell you much. Results look good, my hubby has 6 taxotere treatments planned then on to zytiga ourselves. He is on 2 now, 4 to go. Keep the rest of us informed, since there are so few examples ahead of us. God bless Jann.

      over 7 years ago
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    Loss (Lost loved one): Loss is a terrible/weird thing. That old expression about it making you stronger, is actually true in many ways. Once a person has been around a few decades, they will experience many losses. The early childhood bumps; maybe having a new sibling in the house and learning to share Mommy and your toys, etc. Off to school, scary world, your first great friend abandons you for the "in crowd". Your parents decide to move away or split up.........Loss
    For some of us the losses just keep coming and we can hardly take a breath. Others have longer to adjust, or a calmer pysche, whatever it is. Life just rolls on. But it teaches us how to raise our head up again and stay in the fight. We learn that life does go on.
    That helps when the really terrible losses come.
    For me, I have had many. Dad died when I was 17. I was holding him in my arms as my mom ran to call for the ambulance.and he took his last breath. Massive heart attack.
    My first husband, a Viet Nam vet came home fine, or so we thought. He had multiple problems from Agent Orange. Was in a wheelchair by the time he was 30 and dead at 51.
    There were many others like a daughter born with birth defects a breast cancer scare, an amputated foot in nursing school.

    I thought I had been dealt a pretty good hand.to deal with, then.....
    In the span of three months I lost my brother and only sibling to liver CA. My mom to a stroke and six day later, my step dad followed her. A broken heart, I think.
    I had a double funeral for them and I was still grieving my brother. I spent a long time trying to figure out how to mourn three at once and give them all their due time.
    But I have told my daughters that the end result of all this is that , for one, I am not too afraid anymore. There will be more troubles in life, for sure, They will be different, but worse?..Hmmmm. probably not. Loss is loss
    I led a grief support group for a while, and that was the point. Whether you are grieving the loss of a loved one, your job, or your health, you go through the same steps to get over each one. That is why we can help each other. We recognize the signs. Denial, anger, bargaining, and finally acceptance. Doesn't mean we do them in order, or don't keep going back again, Grief is a process, It does not have an end point.
    But when these huge storms rush up before we even have time to grab the rail or throw down an anchor, it is good to look back and remember just how many storms we have come through before, even if our umbrella blew away. We may have been wet, tired, and weeping. But you just can't have a rainbow without the rain.
    'nuf said from this weary traveler.
    God bless you all on your journey. Just grab the rail , look back and remember how strong you are.

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      WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. How is your husband coping with the chemo? Did they every mention Zytiga or Provenge? I'm on both at the present time. My thoughts are with you and thanks again for the insightful post.

      over 7 years ago