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    jellopudding asked a questionBreast Cancer

    Would you say it took getting cancer (or some other life altering illness) for you to appreciate your health?

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      Hmmm, interesting question. I have always been very healthy. Heck, i am very healthy with stage IV lung cancer, as stupid as that sounds.

      I think that i have always taken my health for granted. I might still in a lot of ways. I am no more careful than i ever was, didn't change my eating habits much, etc.

      about 3 hours ago
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      On the other hand, while I was pretty healthy up until my cancer diagnosis at 51, I always thought I'd get some kind of cancer someday (I'm very neurotic). At the same time, I, too, didn't give much thought to how healthy I was. Now my cancer is almost 20 years ago, I'm suddenly scared about getting a new cancer or a breast met.

      I made few changes to my diet, etc., except that I no longer eat meat or fowl and I almost never drink alcohol.

      about 2 hours ago
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    jellopudding asked a questionBreast Cancer

    Do you find that you have a bit more of a temper now than before your diagnosis?

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      I think we look inward and think about what is good and healthy for us, thus we may not want to tolerate other people's behavior when it is offensive to us. And so being direct with them is necessary to show them where you stand. It is not a bad temper per se but more of a change in your disposition and perhaps your spirit.

      19 days ago
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      Not sure how to answer but, for sure, I RESENT those who have never had cancer yet insist I just need to 'think positive thoughts' in order to survive cancer.

      18 days ago
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      KB--I think that even those that had/have cancer need to shut up about positiveness. That makes me the reason my treatment failed-no cure- treatment worked--That's such a heavy and unreasonable burden. It's like having a 100 soldiers, and only one is responsible for supplies, running the machine guns and everything to cause the 100 soldiers to live.


      18 days ago
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    I guess this only means we are a bunch of geniuses!

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