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    Merry Christmas and happy new year! I wish many blessings for all.

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    Thank you for your story! I will be praying for you as you go through radiation. Many Blessings.

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    Hello! How did you find out you had Thyroid cancer? I am having surgery tomorrow to remove a tumor on my thyroid. I worried it is cancer? I was diagnosed with Breast cancer in February and just finished treatments in September. Now I am facing this?

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      Hello! my doctor did a check up on and found that my thyroid was expand. i had to have a biopsy done first and it came back as cancer. i had all of my thyroid taken out on nov 12th. you will be sore for a couple of days. you wont find out if its cancer until they do a pathology report which takes a couple of day's.. i will be praying for you and hope that it doesn't come back as cancer. I have to have radiation done to kill the remaining cancer cells..

      about 4 years ago
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    I hope this finds you well. As this year draws to a close I wanted to express my appreciation for the love and support I received from friends and family since being diagnosed with Breast cancer in February of 2012. It has been a long hard road but I am now cancer free. This experience has changed my life completely. Not just physically, but mentally, spiritually and financially. It took every thing I had to fight through treatments. I do not wish this on anyone. At one point and time I wanted to give up. I just couldn't take it anymore. But something deep in side told me to finish what I had started.
    I always have had strange things happen to me. Sometimes I hear music playing very early in the morning, I’m thinking it’s the alarm clock. Turns out it’s only in my head. The time is about 4:00 am. This went one for a while. Then one day I found a lump in my breast and made an appointment right away. The diagnosis was Triple Negative Breast Cancer the news came February 28th 2012. For the next few months would be a whirl wind of appointments. Amazing how fast things move when they say Cancer.

    Then I noticed the music was gone? I could no longer hear it. Wondering why and I saw only darkness when I slept. I am weird person and I usually see signs and images in my brain while I try to sleep. I have always done this. I believe they have meaning and purpose. Sometimes I figure them out sometimes not. But now, only darkness. I began to worry I had no future. Maybe I would not survive this. I have never cried this hard since Mom died.

    Now after going through a biopsy, a lumpectomy, port placement, and a lymph node removed I started Radiation, then Chemo. They removed my port in Sept. because I had a blood clot in it causing swelling in my arms and legs. I finished all treatments in September and I can hear the music again and I see the light. It’s back!!!!

    At this point I had lost all the hair on my entire body. My nails and toenails are horrible.
    The Chemo attacked them with a vengeance. I have lost 6 toenails and believe there are more to come. I thought by November I would be recovered enough to go back to work.
    I was on medical leave from May 15th to November 5th I was so looking forward to being back in the real world again. Staying home all the time and the only place you go is to the doctor will drive you insane. I returned to work part time because I still felt weak and achy. My joints hurt, my muscles are weak and my brain is dead. I felt horrible every day I knew something was terribly wrong. It can’t be from chemo I should be recovering by now.
    All during chemo my blood work showed I had high levels of calcium in my blood. My blood pressure and Thyroid hormones were all over the place. Couldn't get any answers. They just kept changing my meds back and forth. They sent me to see a thyroid specialist and he did blood work and a 24 hour urine collection. Gave me an appointment in 2 months?

    I finally went to see my family doctor to see if maybe I was over medicated making me feel crappy and causing brain fog. I’m on 11 prescriptions. Yikes. She saw the blood work from my Oncologist and told me what causes the calcium to be in my blood was your parathyroid. If it is not working properly it pulls calcium from your bones and dumps it in you blood and urine. HUH so she tests me for PTH hormone and I had a bone scan. BINGO she sends be to a surgeon for referral. Why didn't the thyroid specialist find this? My bone scan showed I have bone loss in my spine and hips.

    The Thyroid surgeon explains this as moans, groans, stones and bones. The Parathyroid has a tumor and that is what is causing all my problems. I just wonder how long I have had this. I am scheduled for surgery to remove the tumor on Thursday the 13th 2012. They say it almost always cancer free. Let us pray.
    I just hope and pray this will be the answer I need to start to feel better. I am looking forward to a new healthy life for next year. Remember get regular check ups and report anything suspicious.
    Merry Christmas, and Happy New year, Jennifer

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      We wish you the best and an easy recovery from your thyroid surgery tomorrow. I have a niece that has this same problem, she didn't have cancer before, but has a problem with the Parathyroid. so you and her makes a total of 2 that I have ever heard of that had a problem with that. But it's not a common problem we hear about a lot.
      Good luck to you and let us know how your doing when you get out of the hospital.

      Greg P
      Team whatNext

      about 4 years ago
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    Hello~ We are neighbors I live in Little Elm Texas off of hwy 380. Sorry you have been through this too. But we are survivors. Thanks for all you do~
    My Thanksgiving just wasn't the same. I am usually the one to spend all day cooking and serving for others. This year I was the couch potato and someone cooked for me. I felt helpless. I hope next year I can be back in the saddle again. How are you?

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      Thanks for the post

      When my wife and I were looking at houses, we looked in Little Elm but after all the complaining I did just getting to McKinney, she decided that was far enough. LOL.

      Sorry to hear your Thanksgiving wasn't so great but it's ok to sit back and be waited on from time to time. That's how it was for me last year. Having just been diagnosed, I wasn't much for celebrating the holidays.
      I'm doing pretty good. At this point I have my follow ups. I received all my chemo at Texas Oncology in Plano. I get to pay them a visit here in about a week or so for a chest x-ray. Then blood work in January. He told me that my 1 year anniversary will be the day I was "officially" diagnosed which will be this Friday. YAY!!!

      How are your treatments going? How are you responding to chemo?

      over 4 years ago