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    Grown children and their way of dealing

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      Oh and I have a blog if you are interested in reading about how I've been dealing with all of this: cominghometocancer.blogspot.com

      almost 9 years ago
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      no matter what their age is when mom is sick it rocks their world! for small kids I highy suggest a support group for them as with teen a peer group helps my children were young adults 21 and 24 it rocked them pretty good I had chemo on Mon by wed they were brng me mexican food to eat it was the ONLy thing I could eat. do not be afraid to let them talk about it and even bring up the d word after all EVERYONE is thinking about the d word so talk to them no matter what age they are

      almost 9 years ago
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      I have a 26year old son with a wife and three year old daughter , I have a 22 year old daughter who when I was diagnosed she found out that she was pregnant so she had a lot on her plate,my son and daughter in law lives with us along with my granddaughter, I recieved the "how are you doing mom"? but I was also asked to watch my granddaughter and I had to tell them that it was my chemo week so to find a backup in case I wasn't feeling well.
      When I had my surgery my daughter-in-law helped me a lot, my daughter was busy dealing with her own problems, I guess I felt like it was my own burden to bear.

      over 8 years ago
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      We just keep on keeping on! Don't you forget we have hope for you also.
      Big Hugs and a few hehehes

      over 9 years ago
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      2 chemo sessions down and 4 to go. Since I only get the full chemo every 3 weeks, what works for me is realizing that one week I may feel pretty crappy, but 2 our of every 3 weeks I feel pretty good.....my cup is 2/3rd full!

      How are you doing jennt?

      over 9 years ago
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      As an advocate for the ACS that is what I tell everyone...Don't lose hope, Never give up and we'll fight this journey together. My mom is a breast cancer survivor of 8 yrs now and a survivor of AML of 7 yrs so she is the reason why I am doing what I do. If ya'll need anything, let me know that is what i am here to do is help also.

      over 9 years ago
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    I know it has to be best to stay in where its warm and dry, and take care of myself. I have so many people praying for me, and the circumstances and I do believe that things are getting better here. Its still a little hard, but everyone is starting to be nicer to me and more sympathetic. I pray that I get the SSD and SSI soon though so I can find a place where I can rest in my own bed and room. It gets hard because I cant sleep when I need to or want to.

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    Happy New Year to all of you!

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    I have not been told what will be first. I assumed radiation then chemo. But, now after reading your message I am wondering if its gonna be the other way around. I have a chest port as well. But the surgeon said I would get chemo by pill. I guess that could change when I go to the oncologist. Surgeon did say they wanted it in for possible infusions and to pull blood and such.

    I really am anxious to go to the surgeon, and the oncologists so I know what's gonna happen and when. I've been trying to keep my mind off of it and just enjoy the holidays while I am up and running.

    I had no idea that chemo could break a jaw? How and why did that happen? That is really scary. I'm sorry that you are going through so much pain. I do hope that you feel better soon. I am here to talk any time. I will inbox you my email address.