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    Ask your doctor if and when you can get your flu shot. But don't go here. I try every shelf and they didn’t work.

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      They might make you feel better after the flu though!

      16 days ago
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    Old age is when you feel old and age has nothing to do with it.

    You should understand in cancer treatment there may be days when you feel old but you are ready not.

    Hang in there.

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      BoiseB - Here is my take on your comment. Let’s have you go into the bathroom, turn on the light and get your face close to the mirror. Now look closely at your eyes. I’ll bet they have the same sparkle as when you were young. I believe that sparkle is a window of what still inside your heart that is as young as ever. Hold on to this thought.

      16 days ago
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      Yes J, But today I am making out my shopping list for tomorrow. Tomorrow is senior day at my local supermarket 10% off on my order. And I get half fare for my cab rides. My YMCA has several programs for seniors. Old age does have a few perks.

      16 days ago
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      My sick sense of humor comes out in many ways. I spend a lot of time with my Dad, probably where I get it. I don't ask for senior discount, I ask if old people get a discount and point to my Dad. He always says you are old, and I say but you are older, maybe we get a bigger discount. Yeah, it has it's perks, haha.And to you BoiseB, I look at myself in the mirror and say, you are awesome. Look at your skin falling to places it wasn't intended to be. Thank God you spent time filling the inside with all that good stuff.

      13 days ago
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    Be Strong

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    jhale17 asked a questionNon-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL)

    Treatment and Care plans

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      I dont even have a doctor. I have an endodentist (who it took me a long time to find).

      I did have a good internist for a couple of years. He got an opportunity with Kaiser and off he went to the Bay Area.

      I have, just this year, discounted a cardiologist (who shushed me while he played with his computer after asking me what had brought me in), a dermatologist (saw two and dont want either), a podiatrist (who billed medicare for at least one procedure he did not do), and a pcp who told me an untruth and tried to bribe me to be a regular patient by writing a prescription for pain pills. I do have an orthopod who isnt so interested in seeing me because I wont take his proffered pain pills.

      Ill look at your website and hope something simple is offered.

      28 days ago
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      Hi Geekling,
      Sorry to hear you are without a current doctor for dealing with your cancer journey. You have been with your new normal(s) for some time. Here is some relevant information that adds support for the need of having a cancer survivorship care plans.
      Fortunately, you can make you own plan using templates on the web. I had to tailor the NHL template to fit my history and it turned out to be a good summary of my journey. Journey Forward does have a template for colon. If you have your records of your treatments, you should be able to develop your plan. It will be of value when you do get a doctor to truly support your need.
      Here is a Recent Newspaper Article
      From The Arizona Republic, August 8, 2016, Cancer Survivors wise to keep their guard up, by Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen
      “If you are among the 15.5 million American who have survived cancer, at some point you have wondered, ‘What is next for me?’ Living beyond this disease is cause for celebration, and it also requires a new way of looking at your health, says an eye-opening report.
      Once survivors say goodbye to their cancer-treatment team, it is time for their family doctor or internist to step in. Survivors need more than just careful cancer checks; they need care for the other health conditions that 70 percent of them have, as well as support in making lifestyle choices and spotting (and dealing with) long-term effects of their cancer treatments. Yet these health needs may get overlooked, say researchers from the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute.
      Just one in eight family doctors in a recent survey said they discussed survivor care plans with their patients who have had cancer, even though plans like that are a road map to great health care.
      Develop your own cancer-survivorship plan. A good plan is a personalized for you, easy to understand and straightforward to use. Your oncologist can help you create one, if she or he has not already.

      What a cancer patient care plan should have. Include names and phone numbers of doctors and other health care providers so you can make a quick call with questions and concerns. It should include your cancer-treatment history, the tests you’ll need in the future and when you will need them, and possible long-term effects that you might experience due to your cancer therapy. You can share this roadmap with health-care helpers, including psychologists, dieticians, doctors, nurses and radiologists.” The article went on to discuss exercise, diet and weight.
      Additional Background Information
      Most Cancer Medical Centers and oncologists offices with software for preparing plans are not yet providing them to their patients.
      Most patients are monitored for a period of time after treatments. At some point they are on their own or transferred to their primary care physician or a specialist.
      When late-effects or the return of cancer occurs is when the summary of past treatments and care plans are needed. This is in order to determine the best treatment option for the new occurrence. The plan’s summary records allow the process,
      1. Of dealing with symptoms of existing long-term side effects
      2. Keeping watchful for likely late-effect symptoms of past treatments.
      3. May help in eliminating the cancer treatments as the origin of new symptoms allowing the diagnosis of possible other diseases.
      The need for post-treatment care has been known for some time. In the nineteen-eighties The National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS) www.canceradvocacy.org started promoting the need of survivorship care plans.
      Today there is research ongoing to deal with long-term and late-effects of cancer treatment. The results of this research increases the need for treatment summaries contained in the cancer patient care plans.
      Conclusion: There is a need for cancer patient survivorship care plans and assisting cancer survivors in their preparation.

      28 days ago
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      First time round I was too sick to manage anything. My daughter managed everything in my life (including my personal hygiene) However my second cancer I came upon a super tool that kept everything together.
      I have approached the subject of exit strategy with my oncologists. It seems for me that two death sentences have been commuted to a life sentence

      27 days ago
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