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    I was on Doxil and took Kitral before the infusion, Reglan helps with nausea a lot pill you take once very six hours. I also took Emend, 3 pill...for nausea. You take one first day of chemo, then one for day 2 and day 3. I got hand and foot syndrome with Doxil...more hand than foot plus mouth sores. You can take first BLM mouthwash which you can get at CVS or Walgreens with a prescription. Another rinse is Mugard which is a bit harder to get but doctor can get for you. For e hands and feet, I used iced foot bath and lotions of all kinds. Driving to uCLA isn't fun, but I think I have a great team of doctors. I had chemo yesterday so still feeling effects of my decadron (steroid).

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    HI, was curious as to what treatment you are doing or have done. I am living with cancer as an ongoing illness for about 2 years. Was dx in 2010 with 3 primaries: ovarian, peritoneal, endometrial. Have been on many chemo and a clinical trial. I am on avastin (which I did back in 2010) carbo and Alimta. As far as my hair, it took about a good 2 months and my hair did change color and texture. I have a 10 year old son, so he told me the truth when it was good enough to exit the house. Mine has fallen out twice.

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      I did carbo/taxol, 8 rounds total.

      almost 10 years ago
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    Hi, curious of your regimen and where you are being treated. I live in Orange County but go to UCLA for treatment. I have been in treatment since 2010 and on many chemo, but no radiation due to my diagnosis of 3 primary cancers: ovarian, peritoneal, endometrial.

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    Hi Karrie, I am in Orange County too, but being treated at UCLA. Wondering where you are in clinical trial and what chemo you have been on. I was dx in 2010 with 3 primaries: ovarian, endometrial, peritoneal. I have been in chemo continually with a short break when I was on a trial. How often did you recur?

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    Hi, I was diagnosed in 2010 with PPC and 2 other primaries stage IV. I have been on many different chemos and currently in vaccine trial along with my chemo of Carbo, Alimta and Avastin. I am 47 and PPC has kept coming back as docs explained to me that it is like blowing a dandelion, the seeds just go over the abdomen and cancer grows back. If I can be of any help, let me know.