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    Side Effects (Memory changes): I went to the emergency rm in March 2012 to be told I had pneumonia. Then while there told I had Stage 4 Lung Cancer after having a biopsy done. Then had a bronoscopy done to be told they don't know the stage but confirmed I had lung cancer. I had my surgery on May 7, 2012 and now a Cancer Survivor! :) I want to speak to others who had lung cancer surgery and what side effects are they feeling inside of them?

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      Wow, what an experience that is! Thank you for being here with us. You can read through the experiences of others with a similar diagnosis. Look to the right where it says, "People Most Like You." Click on their names, read their journeys, and if you'd like, introduce yourself. Ask about their experience, and see if they'd like to be in touch as you continue your journeys. This could be a good way to get started. Also, you could post a question, "Did you have lung cancer surgery?" And it will be routed directly to others who might be able to help. Also, I believe @Dulcinea had surgery. She's great and I am sure she would be happy to connect.

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