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    Frightened they will find invasive when they treat my DCIS - I have high grade. I need some perspective but can't find any........

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      It sounds like you caught it early, which is a definite plus. Mine was a stage I invasive ductal carcinoma with high grade and very high KI-67 score, so I understand the fear. I also remember how frightened I was prior to my mastectomy. Not of the surgery, but of what they might find in the tissue and lymph nodes. I still deal with the fear of recurrence just like many people do since it was triple negative breast cancer. So I always focus on the positives, such as the fact that it was found early. I think the biggest lesson I learned from cancer is that I have to enjoy the now and really force myself to worry less about those things beyond my control. It gave me an even greater appreciation of life. I also read several survivor books which I found uplifting. My reach to recovery mentor was a great asset. She called the night before my surgery, and it was wonderful to talk to a survivor. I hope you find peace of mind. Best of luck to you.

      about 6 years ago
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      Hi...I am sorry you are scared. I was in your shoes just a few months ago. I can tell you my experience...maybe it will help, maybe not...but if you have any questions please ask.

      I had a mammogram in February, came back fine. Self examined myself every 6 wks, nothing...july 19th my daughter and I were rough housing in the floor and I found a lump when I accidently grazed my hand on the side of my breast. Went to the dr the next day, they sent me for an ultrasound, they sent me for a biopsy and then called two days later and told me I had breast cancer. From the day I found lump, to the day I had the tumor and 2 lymph nodes removed was 3 wks...it all went very fast. Anyway...after the surgery I was told I had Invasive dcis. My tumor was about 2 cm..it was a grade 3 but had not spread to my lymph nodes, both of those were negative. They based my treatment on what my oncotype score was...which was a 34 which is high risk for re-occurrence. I am doing 4 rounds of taxotere and cytoxin and then 6-1/2 weeks of radiation...then onto some meds which I have been told I will take for 10 years.
      With all that said...as many, many can attest too..we are all so beautifully different with our diagnosis, how we are being treated by our dr..but one thing we all have been and still are...is afraid. Just remember to let your faith be bigger than your fears. I am a worrier by trait...I knew I couldn't do this and stay sane. I got on my knees one night and asked God to take it from me...and that he fight this battle for me. He has...not that I haven't worried here and there or had bad days...I have..but I believe they are few and far between compared to where I would be trying to fight it alone. I have faith he is in control.

      Anyway...that is my experience and how I personally deal with all of it. I come to this website multiple times a day. It has helped me so much...to vent, ask questions, get tips on how to handle side effects...there are some truly amazing people on here....they are a great source of information.

      about 6 years ago
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      I was diagnosed with DCIS stage 0 myself at the age of 45. Mine too was high grade. I have had a mastectomy with reconstruction using stomach tissue since diagnosis, and have been released from my plastic surgeon as I had no complications and all healed well. Surgery was only 5 months ago. I had lymph nodes tested and the three removed were not cancerous. It didn't spread! All I can say is, don't self diagnose. Try not to think the worst, even though I know from my own experience, it is hard, very hard to do. I have appt's scheduled every 6 months now to keep things in check, but now have tried to put cancer on the back burner. Live life once again. I still have bad days, where that is all I think about, but try to relax and not stress on the unknown, concentrate on the known facts and step by step.

      about 6 years ago
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