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    i am going for second openion at stanford,any set of question i can print to take with me

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      Hi Jordan, I don't have the same diagnosis as you but I think this is a great questions. I'll try to think of things that I either asked or wish I asked and post it.
      One thing I always did was to have a "note taker" with me and I'd also bring an MP3 recorder with me in case I missed anything.

      about 10 years ago
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      List of Questions to ask Oncologist:
      • What is my diagnosis?
      -What stage am I?
      • What course of treatment would you recommend?
      -Chemo then surgery, or surgery then chemo?
      • What can I expect from the chemo?
      -Side effects etc.
      • What can I expect from the surgery?
      -Recovery time?
      • What OTHER options do I have beside this one?
      No one knows that answer so don’t even bother to ask. If they start to tell you expiration dates, I would consider another doctor. That’s just me. You want a doctor, not a fortune teller.
      It can’t hurt and if it is similar to the first opinion then maybe it’s the best way to go.
      • Don’t be afraid to look into alternative treatments after surgery. Sometimes chemo isn’t always the best way to go. People have done well on TCM and Juicing/Dietary changes.

      about 10 years ago
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      Yes please ask them what they think of the Temsirolimus trial which is in second phase.

      Like Nexavar it worked on solid inoperable kidney tumors. Since they take a similar path to creation of blood.

      The Study Identifiers is number is NCT01567930. I won't have a scan to see if it is working for three weeks. The protocol only allows it once every 6 week.

      so good to speak to others with HCC. I wish you did not have it but it has been lonely out here.


      over 9 years ago
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    no drug therapy,have to live with the carconide cancer very slow and they don,t know what is next

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    Drug or Chemo Therapy