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    Free on the inside,by:Joseph Lanier
    I am bound by chains,alone in this cold empty cell,but my soul is free of worldly XXX,I no longer worship,nor do I live in sin,and I now know that Satan was never my friend.He lead me down a very dangerous path,till I had a little sample of God's deadly wrath.So,another soldier that Satan has lost,but not before I paid the cost,see, I've lost so much that I have to regain,but deep in my heart ❤,I can feel the change. So,I sit here today and I patiently wait,to stand before God at the Golden gates.Where he shall lead me by the hand,into the heavenly kingdom of the promise land,to walk upon the streets of gold,to view the crystal sea,and be with my loved ones,that went before me. Oh,it shall be such a glorious day I'll thank my lord each time I pray

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